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The Foreign Relations of Saspearian is the diplomacy of Saspearian between Micronations, Countries (Macronations), and Alliances/Organizations. Saspearian is involved in multiple micronational organizations including the GUM (Observer State), the Micronational Assembly and the Cupertino Alliance. Saspearian was formerly a member of the OToC (Organization Treaty of Countries) and a founding member of the Unueco Pact. Saspearian recognizes all UN Member and Observer States and Taiwan as Countries.


Micronations that Saspearian has established Diplomatic Relations with, either through Tacit or Mutual Recognition.

Name Relations
Navārdia Mutual Recognition
Gradonia Tacit Recognition
Austenasia Tacit Recognition
Drietsland Mutual Recognition
Natlin Mutual Recognition
Astain Mutual Recognition
Dracul Mutual Recognition
Liangsi Mutual Recogntion
Kodrolian Empire Mutual Recognition


Nations that Saspearian recognizes as a country.

  • All UN Member and Observer States
  • Taiwan


Alliances/Organizations that Saspearian is or was formerly involved in.