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2021 Saspearian General Election

22 January - 24 January 2021 January 2023 →

3 seats of the Saspearian Parliament
2 needed for a majority
Turnout6 votes (40%) Steady
  Portrait of Emperor Anthony I (2020).jpg Rory McPhail's Coat of Arms.png
Candidate Anthony I Rory McPhail Kasra
Party SNP SNP Independent

Saspearian Parliament, January 2021.svg
Overview of the results.
Dark blue represents the seats of the Saspearian National Party and Grey represents the sole Independent Seat.

The 2021 Saspearian General Election was the first election, parliamentary election, and general election in Saspearian. Which contested the 3 seats of Parliament in Saspearian. The election began on 22 January 2021 at midnight in Central Time and concluded on 24 January 2021 at midnight in local time. The 3 candidates in this election, Anthony I, Rory McPhail, and Karsa went on to become members of parliament since they were all running unopposed. Anthony I and Rory McPhail were running under the Saspearian National Party, thus the SNP has gained the Parliament majority, of 2 seats. The turnout in the election was 40% (6 votes).


On 31 December 2020, Anthony I signed the Saspearian Constitution, thus establishing Parliament and allowing for General Elections to began every fourth Friday at midnight in the month of January (in correspondence of the local time) and end the following Sunday at midnight in local time. The elections were set to be held every 2 years.

The Saspearian Constitution states that there will be a delegate for every province, as well as a delegate for Unueco (Capital Region).

On 21 January 2021, Anthony I and Rory McPhail founded the Saspearian National Party and have since been running as members of the respective party in this election. Kasra is the only candidate who is running as an Independent.


Candidate Party (if applicable) Seat Campaign announcement date
Portrait of Emperor Anthony I (2020).jpg

Anthony I
Saspearian National Party Unueco (Capital Region) 16 January 2021
Rory McPhail's Coat of Arms.png

Rory McPhail
Saspearian National Party Logejo 16 January 2021
Independent Owens 16 January 2021


The SNP gained the majority of the seats in Parliament (2/3), and one seat was gained with no affiliation to a political party.