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The First Saspearian Congress or also refered to as the Saspearian Congress was a legislative branch of the Government of Saspearian, that served as it's first and only congress that was formed on 20 October 2017 and led by Emperor Anthony I. The Congress was comprised of 7 delegates, with its primary purpose of ratifying the Saspearian Declaration of Independence. The Saspearian Congress dissolved shortly after the signing of the Saspearian Declaration of Independence, due to the lack of participation.

Members of the Saspearian Congress

Name Description
Emperor Anthony I (Anthony Gaitan) The leader and delegate of the Saspearian Congress, signed the Saspearian Declaration of Independence.
Bryce Van Houten Delegate
Leo Vargas Delegate
Jackson W. (presumed name) Delegate
Sebastian Henao Delegate
Emaad Karim Delegate
Rishi Srinivassan Delegate