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Battle of the Forum Lords Sea
Part of the Xanada-Sportica War
DateAugust 2013
Sea of the Forum Lords
Result UN Victory

United Nations

  • AdammiaFlag.png Great Adammia Islands
  • Noflag.png Serkat
  • Noflag.png Qunitalo
  • Noflag.png Ironforge

  • Noflag.png Xanada
Commanders and leaders

  • AdammiaFlag.png Grand Admiral Lord Adam Maximus
  • AdammiaFlag.png Vice Admiral Kerman
  • Noflag.png Lord Regent Attano
  • Noflag.png President Ken

  • Noflag.png Grand Marshal Xanatos Reaver
  • Noflag.png General Invincibilitus
28 ships, 97 aircraft 30 airships, 10,000 Xanabots


Grand Marshal Reaver took a detachment of his forces from Xanada to the Temple of the Forum Lords, situated on an island in the Forum Lords Sea, and publically challenged his enemies to face him in battle, hoping to bring a swift end to the war. Of the roughly 1000 airships and 250,000 Xanabots at his disposal, Reaver dispatched only 30 airships and 10,000 Xanabots, apparently underestimating the size of the opposing forces. The Adammic fleet was dispatched from its home base on the coast of Great Adammia and sailed north under the command of Grand Admiral Maximus. Word was sent to Adammia's allies, Serkat and Qunitalo, to begin executing their plan of attack.

The Adammic fleet split into two task forces, A and B. The former contained most of the battleships and, therefore, most of the firepower, whilst the latter consisted of more lightly armoured cruisers and was therefore able to move more quickly.


Task Force A made first contact with the Xanadian fleet several kilometres away, and its battleships opened fire on Xanadian airships with their long-range 16-inch guns, immediately destroying two Xanadian airships. Xanadian forces immediately began to close with with Task Force A; once close enough, the 16-inch turrets on the Adammic battleships were not designed to shoot up vertically enough to hit airships directly overhead. Xanabots also began to swarm towards the Adammic fleet, targeting its smaller ships.

Task Force A was able to destroy several more airships as it closed with the Xanadian fleet. However, the airships were under orders to launch kamikaze attacks against enemy ships if they were critically damaged. In this manner, heavy damage was caused to the Adammic battleship Augustus, which was set ablaze, and eventually sank. The Adammic frigates Falcon, Chamberlain and Raikonnen were also sunk as a result of combined Xanabot and airship kamikaze attacks.

Around half an hour after the engagement began, Task Force B entered the battle, sailing in from the east in an attempt to pin down the Xanadian fleet. Sent ahead of the Task Force were the 30 attack helicopters of the 1st Gunship Wing, launched from the aircraft carrier Centaur. These were highly effective at engaging with the Xanabots, which, rumoured to be constructed of little more than cardboard, were gunned down in their thousands. Eight Adammic gunships were destroyed in return.

Further kamikaze attacks targetted the Adammic flagship, the ABanimationLtd. Grand Admiral Maximus was promptly evacuated from the ship, shortly before an (undamaged) airship collided with the bridge, killing Vice-Admiral Kerman. With the ABanimationLtd sinking, Maximus was relocated to the battlecruiser Imperator, which became the Adammic fleet's acting flagship.

With the Xanabots engaged with the Adammic gunships, Grand Marshal Reaver's flagship was left undefended. It was then relatively trivial for Serkatian air transports to launch from the Adammic carrier Valiant and allow a team of Serkatian and Ironforge assassins to board the flagship and kill Grand Marshal Reaver, seemingly caught off guard having believed that Ironforge was an ally of Xanada. At around the same time, the Qunitalan airbourne fleet arrived at the battle, its technologically-advanced ships inflicting heavy damage on the remaining Xanadian airships. The Xanadian defence quickly collapsed and the few remaining airships began to disperse.

There are many reasons that have been cited for Xanada's defeat, many of which were serious strategic errors on the part of Grand Marshal Reaver. Most notably, Reaver failed to anticipate the size of the UN response to his challenge, and was in fact outnumbered by the combined Adammic-Qunitalan force when he could easily have fielded an order of magnitude more airships. Xanadian war materiel was also poorly constructed, utilising cheap materials which allowed them to be easily mass-produced. Cardboard Xanabots were easily destroyed, whilst the wooden airships could be brought down by just one or two direct hits from an Adammic battleship's 16-inch gun. Indeed, a typical Xanadian airship was considered equivalent in terms of firepower only to an Adammic frigate or destroyer. Furthermore, Reaver made a number of crucial tactical errors. He did not target critical Adammic ships, namely its two aircraft carriers, which allowed helicopter gunships to be deployed in great numbers against the Xanabots. Had the Xanabots not been otherwise engaged, they may have been able to prevent the evacuation by helicopter of Grand Admiral Maximus from the crippled ABanimationLtd, thus killing off the Adammic leader. Reaver also needlessly sacrified several perfectly-functioning airships in his attempts to destroy the Adammic flagship.


The battle was a critical defeat for Xanada with the loss of its Grand Marshal. Shortly afterwards, the nation of Lostonia utilised secretive advanced technology to detonate an EMP over Xanada, crippling thousands of airships, the bulk of the remaining Xanadian forces. This allowed the combined armies of Adammia and Serkat to invade Xanada several days later, where they engaged the surviving Xanadian forces under General Flax Vladius.

Adammic order of battle

  • 1st Fleet - Grand Admiral Lord Adam Maximus
    • Task Force A - Vice Admiral Kerman
      • ABanimationLtd (BB-21) - Vice Admiral Kerman (sunk)
      • Archduke (BB-22)
      • Augustus (BB-23) (sunk)
      • Valiant (CV-2) - Captain Wilson
      • Peragus (CA-16) - Captain Gerald Manley
      • Hurricane (CA-17)
      • Gallifrey (CA-18)
      • Verona (CL-73)
      • Adammic (DD-52)
      • Toccata (DD-106)
      • Crafter (DD-51)
      • Spartan (DD-107)
      • Falcon (FF-2) (sunk)
      • Chamberlain (FF-3) (sunk)
      • Raikonnen (FF-4) (sunk)
    • Task Force B
      • Imperator (CC-30)
      • Caesar (BB-24)
      • Centaur (CV-3)
      • Supremity (CL-72)
      • Skyfall (CL-74)
      • Pride of Tuxville (CL-75)
      • Just Cause (DD-105)
      • Austenasia (DD-108)
      • Minmus (DD-102)
      • Astley (DD-109)
      • Compulsive (FF-1)
      • Perseus (FF-5)
      • Molossia (FF-6) (sunk)
  • Adammic Air Force - Air Marshal Marcus Hargreaves
    • 1st Fighter Group
    • 1st Gunship Wing
    • 1st Light Rotary Squadron