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Trivia about the Empire of Adammia.

  • Alex Helliker KCM KOV KOF KD LLB, with five post-nominal titles, has more post-nominals than any other person in Adammia. Besides his knighthoods in Wazakhstan and Nolland, and his macronational law degree, he is the only person to be a member of two Adammic orders of chivalry, the Ordo Vladius and the Order of the Meerkat.
  • As of July 2019, the percentage that each territorial division contributes to the Empire's overall surface area is as follows:
    1. Jagstonian Plains: 46.41%
    2. Ashoria: 41.84%
    3. Sandal Castle: 9.48%
    4. Greater Tytannia: 1.01%
    5. Myway: 0.68%
    6. Corellia: 0.16%
    7. Serkatia: 0.09%
    8. Alluria: 0.09%
    9. Pererria: 0.09%
    10. Dank-upon-Bourn: 0.05%
  • Adammia has recognised a total of 2 gender transitions, both amongst honourary citizens and both male-to-female.
  • The official font of the Adammic government is Gentium Basic
  • The Economy Act 2014 contains provisions for publicly traded companies (plc), but there is no regulatory difference between them and private limited companies, and as of 2020 Adammia has no publicly traded companies and does not have a stock exchange