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Flag Arms Commonwealth Code Pop. Location Official
Head of state Head of gov. Govt
Greater Elyria-Princeton second flag.png GEP Lesser CoA.png High Kingdom of
Greater Elyria-Princeton
GEP 103 SC English
Robert Smith
High King
Jayden Attlee
First Minster
Lesser Daeltheria Coat of Arms.svg
Kingdom of
MGW Dubhlaith 11 34.74 English
Queen of Morgannwg
James Frisch
Prif Weinidog
Demirelia flag.png CoA of Demirelia.svg Kingdom of
DMR Volkania 10 0.15 English
King of Demirelia
Lise Naesheim-Renwick
Tusmoreflag.png Coat of Arms of the Kingdom of Tusmore.svg Kingdom of
TSM Pacem 9 0.19 English
King of Tusmore
Chase Nanatovich
Flag of Alexander.png Coat of arms of Alexander.png Grand Duchy of
ALX Richmond 8 6.2 English Andrew
Grand Duke of Alexander
Carl von Joseph Werzberg
First Minister
Flag of Rai Abelden.png Coat of arms of Rai.png Grand Duchy of
RAI Batori 8 4.67 English
Grand Duke of Rai


Background (2011-2015)

On July 1, 2011, the Republic of Elyria was established by Robert Smith, Brian Gmeisa, and Riley Nim. The early Elyrian state elected Brian Gmeisa to be the first President of the nation, Robert Smith was appointed Minister of Political Administration and Riley Nim appointed head of Land Administration. Despite early growth Brian Gmeisa went inactive and for nearly two years little to no development was made on the micronation other than the creation of a few national symbols. Upon the expiration of Brian Gmeisa's term Robert Smith was elected President on March 15, 2015.

The primary objective of the Smith presidency was to establish relations with nearby nations, the first ally Elyria found was the Kingdom of Valor another micronation of similar size. The two rivaled for members but maintained good relations with the President of Elyria and King of Valor regularly speaking and meeting with one another. Co-founder of Elyria Riley Nim decided to make his own micronation known as the Democratic State of Quincet, the micronation was ruled by a council of leaders who where elected. Quincet remained smaller than Elyria and the two agreed to allow their citizens to hold dual citizenship, Riley Nim was given the right to serve as an official in both nations. The foundation of Quincet inspired a friend of Smtih and Nim to form the Republic of Sakguwea. The Republic of Sakguwea followed their own strict traditions and although it was officially a republic no elections occurred and the nation was primary governed by a the few co-founders of the nation.

Smith sought political reform within Elyria and toyed with the idea of establishing Elyria as a monarchy but decided against it. Robert Smith changed Riley Nim's ministry to Defense, although little was done with this. Despite the major growth and new allies the nation still suffered from inactivity and a lack of members.

Foundation (2015)

First flag of the Empire

Robert Smith acted swiftly to establish official relations with the nearby nations of the Savannah river area. These nations all had troubles with inactivity and size so on the 9 of September, 20 the five nations united to form the Empire of Elysium. The founding nations of Elysium in descending order of population were: the Republic of Elyria, the Kingdom of Valor, the Democratic State of Quincet, Republic of Sakguwea, and Kingdom of Romulus. Despite Elyria being a republic the Kingdom of Valor insisted the nation be an Empire under the rule of a Grand Emperor. In order to determine the first Grand Emperor, as per the system set out in the Treaty of Marus Field, a popular election occurred. The other four leaders of the nations stepped aside and nominated Robert Smith of Elyria to be the first Grand Emperor, he accepted the nomination and was unanimously elected the first Grand Emperor of Elysium.

The political structure of the Empire was basic at first with a Grand Emperor who had absolute power, each of the leaders of the previous five nations was the governor of their respective nation. No legislative or judicial branch existed and government decisions where made in the field of Marus, in which the Grand Emperor took suggestions on the administration of the Empire from the governors and the people who choose to assemble there. At one of these meetings a number of offices where made with Riley Nim, Chief Councilor of Quincet being declared Emperor's Hand a pseudo-head of government. Despite the creation of this new office being seen as a major step toward democracy the Emperor's Hand was merely an advisor.

The Empire of Elysium faced its first crisis when the Republic of Sakguwea left the Empire citing cultural differences and a perceived lack of democracy within the Empire. Initially the leadership of the Empire refused to recognize this new state and placed multiple spies within the nation and planned to start a movement within the nation to reunite with Elysium. Grand Emperor Smith privately met with the President of Sakguwea and the two agreed to work toward a settlement, three days later the Treaty of the Atlantic was signed in which Elysium recognized Sakguwea as a sovereign micronation, Sakguwea recognized Elysium as a sovereign micronation, both nations ended spying on the other, and the two agreed to non-aggression and mutual cooperation. While the crisis was handled smoothly many Elysiumites left the nation to join Sakguwea leading to a stint of inactivity, to combat this Riley Nim began to campaign for the democratization of the Empire.

Early Elysium (2015-2019)

No parties existed in early Elysium but two factions rose up, the Tilities and Rilites. The Rilites supported Emperor's Hand Riley Nim who campaigned for democratic reform, development of land, and regional autonomy within the Empire. The Tilities followed the Minister of Defense FPM who campaigned for a strong federal state, creation of a christian state, and absolute monarchy. Although these two factions debated each other often the lack of democracy within the Empire meant the rivalry was unfocused.

Fort Brim during her construction
A digital recreation of a paper poster by the DNP

Due to the lack of elected offices during this time there was little to no political growth or foundations. While some attempts to write a constitution had been made all had been abandoned due to a lack of support and lack of interest from citizens of the Empire. Rather the primary concern of the young imperial government was military development. Due to this policy the most notable events of this time include the creation of small forts within the nearby woodlands of Quincet and in Elyria. While these forts where functionally useless they served as a symbol of national pride and their primary use was to give the nation some projects to focus on. The largest of these forts, Fort Brim, was commonly used as a spot for members of the Empire to meet during weekends and camp at. During this time the first fishing derbies in Elysium began to appear, albeit highly unorganized and merely friendly competitions. These contest and the high frequencies of ponds and lakes within and adjacent to Elysium resulted in activities centered around bodies of water becoming early cultural staples in Elysium. Riley Nim in particular was, and within Elyria still is, considered to be among the best fishermen in Elysium if not the best.

By the beginning of 2019 two political parties had sprung up when Tilities, led by FPM, formed the Vox Party which campaigned for absolutism, Christian values, and states’ rights. The Vox Party has primarily founded to challenge the rule of Riley Nim. Riley Nim’s supporters in response to this founded the Democracy Now Party and nominates Riley Nim as their leader. The DNP stood for centrism and constitutionalism. While being considerably to the left of the Voxist the DNP was widely considered to be a big tent party both by those in the party and by outside observers. While Riley Nims social and economic views where unclear at times many other leaders in the party took a strong stance for centre-right politics, unitarianism, and imperialism. There was no considerable force representing leftism or progressivism.

Riley Nim and Grand Emperor Robert II worked together to begin the process of early democratization shortly after the rise of political parties, creating the new office of Prime Minister which was directly elected and an appointed legislature.

Early democratization (2019)

Graph displaying results of the first Chancellor election

Despite the DNP being the party which called for and implemented the direct election of a Prime Minister in the first election held they went on to lose to the Vox party candidate FPM in a 6-4 vote. This lost is mostly contributed to a scandal which broke a few days before the election in which Riley Nim, DNP candidate, was accused for calling for secessionism in Quincet. Following this scandal a few members of the DNP’s more conservative wing decided to vote for FPM despite their differences in order to keep the Empire united.

Once in office FPM saw many of the organic cultural growth in Elysium, which highly resembled Dixieland culture due to Elysium’s place in the Deep South, as unnecessary. Instead FPM attempted to produce an inorganic culture based on the nations of Europe and in particular Byzantine culture. Many of the projects such as building forts paused during the first half of FPM’s reign. Still little political development was made.

In the next election the DNP was unable to field a candidate and as such FPM was unopposed. Despite this during the start of her term many former DNP members who were now independents made their way into the national legislature and were given high offices in the cabinet. Most notable of these officials was Kyle Smith, a good friend of the Grand Emperor, who rapidly rose to become Defense Minister and oversaw the resumption of building forts. Kyle Smith began to express his frustration with the government policies of FPM and called for globalization by creating a discord, expanding foreign affairs to spread Elysium’s name, better record keeping of historic events and appointments, working toward an elected legislature, and most importantly creating a constitution. Despite this new resistance FPM attempted to pass the most controversial part of her agenda, the Righteous Nation Act, which enshrined Christianity as the official religion and sought to make it harder for non-Christians to become citizens. In response to this Grand Emperor Robert II called for an emergency election and suspended the act. In the following election Kyle Smith won as an independent but the Vox Party, which still controlled the national Parliament, removed him from office without cause. The scandal which resulted from this, nicknamed Tiligate, resulted in massive public outcry for a constitution. As such on the 23 of April 2019 Grand Emperor Robert Smith announced a reorganization of the nation with an elected Chancellor serving the Grand Emperor as head of government and a national legislature simply known as Parliament. Robert Smith also dismissed all the current members of the Vox party serving in the legislature. Kyle Smith then formed the Imperial Party, drawing large support from the rump faction of the DNP and moderate members of the Vox Party. The Imperial Party would later become the Democratic Traditionalist who dominated politics and whose successor, the Elysiumite Nationalist Democrats remain one of the two major parties in Elysium.

Original logo of the Progressives

In the first Chancellor election Kyle Smith went on to win the 80% of the vote to FPM’s 20% of the vote. This was helped by the fact that early globalization had began to be done by Grand Emperor Robert Smith II, too the angry of FPM, and the first few global citizens all casted a vote to Kyle Smith. Despite this initial support the first global citizen, Adam Johnston, would go on to make the Progressive Party later that day the first truly left wing party in Elysium. The Progressive Party, in her various forms, would go on to dominate politics in Elysium and remains one of two major parties. In the Elysiumite first 2019 senatorial election three Progressives and two Imperialist were appointed to Parliament by Grand Emperor Robert Smith II.

Early Globalization (2019)

Upon taking office Kyle Smith opened up Elysium to people outside of local areas and began to accept citizenships online through a public discord server. This led to rapid growth and a resurgence of activity within Elysium. In partnership with the Grand Emperor and various Grand Senators Kyle Smith began to write the first constitution of Elysium, modeled heavily after the United States constitution it included an upper and lower house as well as a directly elected Chancellor. It varied greatly from that of the American constitution due to it maintaining and enshrining the Elysiumite monarchy into law with the Grand Emperor serving as head of state with a number of powers of the affairs of the nation.

SVG Graph Gallery

Elysium Grand Senate polling on 11.14.2021.svg
Elysium Polling as of 1-26-21.svg
1st Council of Imperial Delegates.svg