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Ecconadentis is a Micronation founded on the 4th of April 2018. It is recognized by the Principality of Egan and The Principality Of Newton. It is situated in Montreal Canada.

Though not completed, Ecconadentis is a very strict area. Most of thhe crimes that are punishable by banishment (or a close to death penalty (basically getting hit with a stick) is also used.): All. Every single word you say, thing you do, against the government is a crime, but all the other crimes written in the EBL (Ecconadentis Book of Laws) are also punishable by this fate.

The UESNR (Union of Ecconadentis Socialist Neo-Soviet Republics) is the political party that is in power. With dictator: Eshe-TK-Hird as their leader.

The EPKF (Ecconadentis Peace Keeping Forces) are currently in the cities of Ecconadentis trying to calm the people, for a civil war just ended in which Communism is the ideology of Ecconadentis, but all of them are getting killed, because the dictator doesn’t think they are necessary. But most of them will be put into our military.

Our current state is: FED UP. Our people are outraged by Newton and Egan for no apparent reason! Our people think that they are better than the Newtonese and the Eganese. And it’s kinda getting out of hand. Our military is patrolling the streets searching for these people.

The ESP (Ecconadentis Space Program) is currently thinking up ways to go to space, or at least the border of space.

Ecconadentis has had an Economic peak in the last few weeks.