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Duke Coleman (officially Duke Declan C. Coleman) is the current Duke of the Grand Duchy of Razerkaikstania. He has ruled over the Grand Duchy of Razerkaikstania ever since its creation in the early hours of Christmas Day, 2018.

Duke Declan C. Coleman would like to reassure to Microwiki that everything in his article about his micronation the Grand Duchy of Razerkaikstania, is in fact real, and is not a joke. The only thing that is arguably a "Joke", is the political party seatings in the parliament. But that is only to convey information to the public about the popularity of certain political views and philosophies in Razerkaikstania. So if the label of Non-serious would be removed from the page, it would be greatly appreciated, as it doesn't reflect the Grand Duchy of Razerkaikstania in any way shape or form.