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The official User Page of Joshua Schnurman

The Right Honourable
Joshua Schnurman
Mayor of Townsville
Mayor of Townsville
In Office 22 September 2021 - present
Predecessor Position Established
Minister of Health
In office 20 January 2021 - Present
Predecessor Silas Wurnbash
Governor of Westeros
In office 22 Febuary 2022 - 30 March 2021
Predecessor Micah W.
Member of the Federal Senate (Excelsior)
In office 20 January 2022 - Present
Predecessor Position Established
Deputy Governor General
In office 2 March 2022 - 30 March 2021
Predecessor Position Established
Successor Gus H.
House Palacio de la Región Especial
Father David Schnurman
Mother Kelli Schnurman
Born 22 December 2008 (2008-12-22) (age 13)
Mount Sinai Hospital, Manhattan, NY
Religion Jewish
Monuments Joshua L. Schnurman Foundation Bridge