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Sorrenian Federation
Contoutā Sorreniyācā

Sorrenian emblem.png
National emblem

Order, Progress and Unity
Auld Lang Syne
Capital city Levaria
Official language(s) English and Sorrenian
Various regional languages
Official religion(s) None official
Short name Sorrenia
Demonym Sorrenian
Government Federal constitutional democratic republic
- President Eren Lewis
- Speaker of the Federal Assembly Peter Palaiologos
Legislature Parliament
- Type - Bicameral
Established 03/11/13
Area claimed Under review
Population ~40
Currency Sorrenian Rosemerta, de jure
Time zone Sorrenian Standard Time
National animal Mallard Duck

The Sorrenian Federation is a sovereign state, referred to by outside observers as a micronation, located mainly in Northeast England.

Sorrenia was previously dominated by a socialist government, before the republic was overthrown in a coup led by the National Liberation Front. The country is now under civil rule.


The name "Sorrenia" is an adaptation of "Sorrento", the name of a small town in southern Italy, near Naples. After several hours of deliberation, the name was proposed by then President Miles Pressland, and agreed upon by the other citizens of Sorrenia.



Administrative Divisons

Sorrenia consists of 5 states and 2 Territories.

  • States have their own constitution and Local Assembly, and while they must follow Sorrenian law, they are allowed to make their own laws.
  • Territories are governed by a Commissioner and have no local autonomy.
  • The Capital of Levaria is considered a Federal District, but is governed as a Territory.
Flag Name Leader
Amon23.png Amon Lasgalen Llewelyn Lawton
Wales.png Cardiff Eren Lewis
Flag of Akebar.png Dradelia Robert Garside
Roazhonnevez.png Roazhon-Nevez Peter Palaiologos
ESC Flag.png Sorrenia Proper Miles Pressland
Sorreniaflagnew.png Levaria Damian Billbrough
Lord Mayor


Sorrenia is governed official as a Federal, Constitutional, and Presidential Republic. President Eren Lewis has sweeping powers and is a dominant force at the Federal level. However, the Federal Assembly and the States work to counterbalance this authority.


Foreign Relations

Sorrenia recognizes every member of the United Nations and also the Vatican City. Sorrenia previously had mutual relations with many unrecognized states, or micronations, before the National Liberation Front Coup. Currently, all treaties and agreements with foreign nations are under review. However, Sorrenia is dedicated to extend friendly relations with other countries.

Recognized; No relations


The country of Sorrenia is very diverse, and a Census is being planned by the government.