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Châtaigne and the Gogor Mendiak

Dieu et Les Dames
March of the Prince
Official language(s)English
Breton and Old French recognized but not used
Official religion(s)Old Catholicism
Folk Religion
GovernmentAbsolute monarchy
- Grand DukeHis Grace Peier Rennes
CurrencyCourt livre
National sportTennis
National dishRosti
National drinkAbsinthe
Patron saintSaint Youenn of Kermartin

Châtaigne and the Gogor Mendiak, officially the United Realms of Châtaigne and the Gogor Mendiak, is a sovereign and absolute monarchy composed of three enclaves in the United States. The country is currently the only Carolinian county in the micronational community.


The word Châtaigne means Chestnut in French, and comes from the Chestnut trees famous in the area. The word Gogor Mendiak means Rolling Hills in Basque, and comes from the rolling hills famous in that region.


Gogor Mendiak was previously a province of Eleftheria, as was Châtaigne. As Eleftheria was mostly ceded to the Kingdom of Imvrassia, these two areas remained under the absolute control of the former Eleftherian emperor as a personal dominion.


The Archduchy is an absolute monarchy. The Archduke of Châtaigne and the Gogor Mendiak is currently His Esteemed Grace Peier Rennes. He combines legislative, executive and judicial functions.


The Archduchy combines elements of Old French, Old English and Alpine customs.