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His Royal Highness
The Prince of Ledilia

1st Prince of the Principality of Ledilia
In office
14 February 2019 – - present

1st Duke of New Gandolfo
In office
Office estabilished – - present

1st Commandant in Chief of the Ledilian United Forces
In office
21 February 2019 – - present
Preceded by Office Estabilished

In office
14 February 2019 – 5 May 2019
Succeeded by Checco Ledilinski

Born 7 February 2007 (2007-02-07) (age 14)
Rome, Italy
Nationality Italian
Residence Rome, Italy
Military service
Allegiance Templuflogo.png Ledilian United Forces
Rank Commandant in-chief


Davide Ledilinski R. S. R. I°it's the web alias of Manuel Maria Soldini, he was born in Rome under the name of Manuel Maria Soldini at the Fatebenefratelli on the Tiberian Isle in the middle of the Tevere River, His Mother and father haven't divorced yet from the ages, Davide has a sister called Beatrice.

Manuel is catholic and was grown catholic by the Mother and Father, Manuel was baptized after his birth in 2007, Manuel loved music from Avicii, Charlie Puth but after he passed 12 he started hearing songs from Capo Plaza and Trash Gang, it's he wanted to download FL Studio 12 and started making beats, now he's trying to compose songs as a producer and for Ledilia.


Manuel is a micronationalist which joined this community the same day he founded his micronation, Ledilia, his titles:

  • His Highness, Prince of Ledilia
  • His Exellency, President of the House of Leeds
  • His Honourary Commandant, The Commandant in-chief
  • His Regional Exellency, The Duke of New Gandolfo