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County Football Federation (CFF)
Formation30 September 2017
TypeFederation of associations
PresidentDanny Clarke

The County Football Federation (CFF) is a regional governing body for non-FIFA county football teams not affiliated with the Football Association, Scottish Football Association or Football Association of Wales. Currently, the CFF is responsible for organising the British Counties League, a county football league, comparable to the County Championship found in English cricket and intended as a potential replacement for the current Inter-League Cup setup used by the Football Association. The County Football Federation was created in 2017 to encourage and assist in the creation of county teams and founded by International Surrey Football (ISF), Essex International and the Strathclyde International Football (CIF).


The County Football Federation is responsible for the overseeing of the British Counties League. Each member is entitled to 1 vote. Members are expected to base their catchment and representative area on the historical counties based on boundaries abolished in 1889 in England, 1890 in Scotland and 1889 in Wales. However, larger catchment areas are allowed in order to ensure larger availability of players, but much not overlap the catchment area of any other member association. The County Football Federation will operate with a running budget, income for this budget will come from Annual Membership Fees, Sponsorship, and British Counties League License Fees and will cover the expenses required to run the CFF.

County Status

In order to be admitted into the British Counties League a team requires 'county' status, similar to the Gaelic Athletic Association, where county members are derived predominantly from the counties of Ireland, the County Football Federation is capable of accepting 'overseas countries' that could operate a team in the British County League, allowing potential admission to British Isles based ConIFA members such as the Manx IFA, Chagos Islands or Barawa.

Full Members

Code Nation Association National teams Founded Affiliation
ESX Noflag.png Essex Essex International Men's 2017 2017
SRY Surrey IFA Flag.png Surrey International Surrey Football Men's 2014 2017
STC Noflag.png Strathclyde Strathclyde International Football Men's 2017 2017

British Counties League Licenses