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Online Soccar League
Number of teams6
Levels on pyramid1
Domestic cup(s)Open Challenge Cup
TV partnersVarious (Pre-recorded
and live matches)

The Online Soccar League (OSL) is an esports league competition based on the PC, Xbox One, Playstation 4 and Nintendo Switch game, Rocket League. The league was founded by a number of former M-League and Micronational Rocket League teams. The OSL is the indirect, non-micronational, successor of the Micronational Rocket League after the Rocket SuperLiga, the MRL was supposed to become never occured.


The Online Soccar League can find its roots in the M-League a virtual football league created in 2014 using the free to play game FIFA World created by EA. The M-League began its 2014 M-League season as a 4 team competition consisting of Woking Dales, Cardinals, Vyktory Dragons and Royal City and ran for 6 games before Woking Dales were crowned the champions on the final day of the season, Cardinals would go on to win the post-season League Cup. The M-League would see 2 expansion teams CD Vertigo and Los Toros before beginning its 2015 season. However, due to EA's decision to shut the FIFA World severs the 2015 season was cut after just the first half was played, won by Cardinals.

3 of the M-Leagues 6 teams agreed to reform as Micronational Rocket League, Royal City, Cardinals and Los Toros did not join the MRL, but the 3 transferred teams were joined by SportsToid Strickers RLC and Mercury City FC as the first 2 non-micronational teams, SportsToid Strickers RLC unaffiliated to any micronation and Mercury City FC of Micras. However, disorganisation and lack on completed fixtures quickly ran rampant in the MRL with the season and the league being abandonded before the first season was completed. Later attempts to reform a new league were considered but not actively acted upon until June 22nd, 2017 when 3 former MRL members Woking Dales (rebranded as the Surrey Bucks), CD Vertigo and Vyktory Dragons joined by Los Toros and Cardinals, both of whom were emerging from hiatus.



Champions' Cup

The end of season winner of the Online Soccar League goes on to compete against the winner of the Open Challenge Cup to determine the Champions' Cup, should the winner of the OSL is also the winner of the OCC then the runner up of both competitions will play a playoff fixture to determine who will take compete in the Champions' Cup.


Team Founded Joined Operator Notes
Cardinals SC 2014 2017 Flag of the United Kingdom.png James Hunt
Healesville Wyverns 2014 2017 Flag of Australia.png James-Robert Knight Previously Vyktory Dragons
K2 Rolexity 2017 2017 IsraelFlag.png Noam Rees
Los Toros RLC 2014 2017 IsraelFlag.png Ranel Ben Simán Tov
Surrey Bucks 2014 2017 Flag of the United Kingdom.png Danny Clarke Previously Woking Dales MFC
Vertigo Jerusalem 2014 2017 IsraelFlag.png Roi A. Gerszkoviez Previously CD Vertigo

Number of teams per nation

Nation No.[1]
Flag of the United Kingdom.png United Kingdom 2
Flag of Australia.png Australia 1
IsraelFlag.png Israel 3
Total 6 (0)

Previous Winners

Includes M-League and Micronational Rocket League winners.

Team Championships Year(s) Champion Year(s) Runner-up No. of Seasons
CD Vertigo 1 2017 2015, 2015/16 3
Cardinals M.F.C. 1 2015 2014 2
Surrey Bucks¹ 1 2014 4
SportsToid Strickers RLC 1 2015/16² 1
K2 Rolexity 1 2017 1

¹ Named Woking Dales 2014-17
² League leader before season was cancelled early


  1. Folded teams in parentheses