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The President

The head of state office in Plushunia belongs (since the adoption of the new constitution on 6 August 2019) to the President of Plushunia, office curently held by Cristi. The President is directly elected by the population of the country for a 2-year term and has the right to compete for any number of terms. The President has the duty of representing the nation on the foreign plan (signing treaties, establishing diplomatic relations) and of appointing the Prime Minister of Plushunia and the Judges of the Supreme Court. The President also has the right to participate and chair government meetings and to veto any law/decree passed by any state authority for maximum three times.

The Regional Council

The Regional Council of Plushunia is the second legislative body of Plushunia. It is created by Article 10 of the new Constitution of Plushunia (adopted 6 August 2019), and represents the interests of the regions of the country. The council has 14 members, out of which 12 represent the regions and 2 the territories of mainland Plushunia, with the residents of each region electing an equal share of Regional Council members. The Regional Council has an important role in the legislative process, since any legislative bill or motion of confidence/no confidence passed by the Plushunian Parliament must be passed by the Regional Council in order to become effective.
The Regional Council always holds its meetings one day after the meetings of the Plushunian Parliament, but it can be convocated in special meetings by the President, Prime Minister or Legislative President.
All 14 seats of the Regional Council are currently vacant, and are set to be occupied after the Plushunian 2019 legislative election.