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Commonwealth Federation
CF Flag.png

Liber. Liberate. Defendat. (Latin; Free. Liberate. Protect.)
Moore, Oklahoma, United States
Capital cityProvince of Four Stripes
Official language(s)French, German, English
Official religion(s)Atheism, Christianity
Short nameCommonwealth Federation
CurrencyLuxhin (custom); U.S. Dollar
National animalCoyote


The Federation was formed on January 8th, 2018. The named "Commonwealth" was used to describe how the Common people are apart of the government, hence Commonwealth.


The Federation is a pure democracy made of the President, Prime Minister, General Assembly, and the Citizens' Assembly. Read the constitution[1] for more information.


The Federation is in two wars. The Grand War on Astain and the Federation-Reich War. The Grand War on Astain started February 11th, 2018, when they declared war against its' ally, the Confederate Provinces of Valnor when they wanted Astain to drop its' ridiculous claims. The Federation-Reich War is a Micronational War against the First Stone Reich, a neo-nazi Micronation. They declared war on the entire Micronational Assembly.


The Federation formed the Assembly of Powers, as UN like organization, and is currently as of 2018, helping the Grand Coalition with Operation Peace and Depth, used to gather intelligence and peace against the Republic of Astain and the First Stone Reich.

Province Flags

The only Province with an official flag is the Capitol Province, the Province of Four Stripes.

Province of Four Stripes.png