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  • September, 10: the Country of Toys declares official statehood; provisional state institutions are formed.
  • September: Ursu Viselinschi takes office as the country's first Prime Minister. The office was not legally defined at the time, but customary institutions began to develop, such as the Presidency, the government and the Council of the Country.


  • March: Ursu Viselinschi is replaced as Prime Minister by Elena Iliescu. She was the first and only human in Juclandia's history to serve in this position.
  • August: Pisica Democrescu replaces Elena Iliescu as Prime Minister, as a de facto policy of having the head of government always be a plush toy is put in place. Elena Iliescu remains Governor of Cipimania, which would gradually evolve into the country's human-centred region.


  • June: Moș Crăciun replaces Pisica Democrescu as Prime Minister. During his term, the first court of justice in Juclandia is formed, and a customary law system starts to develop
  • July: Ciprian C. resigns as President of the Country of Toys to be replaced by Bestia Reformescu.



  • September, 10: Elena Iliescu, considered the Mother of Juclandia, dies aged 93.



  • November: The remnants of the Country of Toys are replaced by the Socialist Democratic State of Toys (SSDJ), which would be later renamed to the Socialist Democratic State of Romania (SSDR). The country was modelled on the German Democratic Republic, as well as the Socialist Republic of Romania. The full name was rarely utilised, the country being almost always referred to as the SSDR.
  • December: Pisica Democrescu becomes Prime Minister for a second term, this time as a member of the opposition Democratic Party. She was the first Prime Minister to not come from the Communist Christian-Democratic Party.


  • August, 22: Parliamentary elections in the SSDR.
  • August, 23: The newly-elected Great National Assembly of the SSDR adopts the Declaration of Independence and proclaims the creation of the Socialist Republic of Juclandia


  • March, 16: Bestia Reformescu forms a new government based on a coalition between left-wing and right-wing parties.


  • February, 13: Parliamentary elections in Juclandia.
  • July, mid: the Great National Assembly approved the constitutional amendments that would transform Juclandia into a monarchy.
  • August, 20: General elections in Juclandia.
  • August, 23: The Socialist Republic of Juclandia becomes the Kingdom of Juclandia. Ciprian becomes the country's first King and is coronated in a ceremony at the Palace of the Great National Assembly in Jucărești by the Patriarch of the Church of Juclandia. Gori Jucărescu is inaugurated as the first President of the Council of State.
  • August, 24: The Third Bestia Reformescu Cabinet is inaugurated, formed by a grand coalition between the right-wing Democratic Party and the National Workers' Bloc, a left-wing coalition of the Socialists, the Communist Party of Juclandia and the National Reform Party.





  • August, 10 and 17: General elections in Juclandia. After having won the first round by a landslide, Ovia Bogi manages to defeat Gori Jucărescu in a tightly contested run-off, winning by a mere 2 votes difference.
  • November, 1: Ovia Bogi is inaugurated as President, having been kidnapped after her victory in the August election. She was supposed to take the oath of office on August 23.


  • May, 1: The National Constituent Assembly approved the final draft of a new Constitution in two consecutive votes. The new Constitution enters into force and establishes direct democracy in the Kingdom.
  • August, 2: General elections in Juclandia. Oviga Bogi is re-elected President for a second term. She becomes the first person to be elected from the first round, defeating her opponents by a landslide.


  • July, 10: General elections in Juclandia. Ovia Bogi is re-elected President for a third term by a landslide from the first round.
  • December, 20: the state news agencies, Landmedia and Scânteia, as well as the international edition of the Scânteia state-owned newspaper, are merged into a new national news agency, telenot.jc. The name stands for "Telegraphical Notes of Juclandia".