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Welcome to kingdom of the Chuntaro. In our Kingdom we live long and dance a lot. We believe in equality for all our Chuntaro clans and we believe that everyone should eat at least one cacti a month.


National Dance: Danze del Apache——————Slogan:Eat,Sleep,Danze del Apache———————Founded by: Jesus Senior Jesus Jr.————Founded:Late February 2019!——————Languages:English,Spanish,Latin,Italian,French,Chuntaro——————Religon:Chuntariti——————National Bird:Phoenix—————-National Plant: Cacti—————National Instrument:Maracas———————National Day: July 19, Chuntaro Day————————Currancy:Chuntaro Peso———————- King: Jesus the First—————Kings Advisor:Paul Bunyen——————Favrote Animal:Kittins——————Mascot:Saguaro the Cacti———————Population:1000000% Chuntaro————————Favrote Tv show:Gravity Falls


National Anthem: Chuntaro the greaaaat Kingdom, will never fall, OHHH Chuntaro THe greaaat Kingdom will Win all the wars cause we have a cacti named Saguaro, and cat named Mexico.

Usually yelled really fast or set to punk music

international relationships

Jesus is a bestie with Elijah, The Mack Republic founder