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A St.Charlian Army officer service uniform: army khaki-beige coat and dark blue trousers. Members also wear the typical "maroon beret", worn for both garrison duty and non-ceremonial functions.

Welcome to the micronational uniforms templates gallery!

Here you can find a list of blank uniform templates that I found on the internet. You can use them to design your own micronational uniforms and insignia and/or for showing them on your articles. I did not make these drawings, I merely found them on the internet - mostly thanks to Google - and saved them on my PC. Some of them come from official US military manuals; others were made by independent artists, which I thank in advance for their amazing work. As weird and twisted as it might sound, a good 50% of these drawings were found on websites that contained coloring pages for children.

I made this page in order to save you some time. I remember spending hours on the internet for a black and white drawing of a uniform, sometimes to no avail.

How to edit these files

When I first found the templates and designed the first uniforms of the St.Charlie Armed Forces, I used Microsoft Paint. It sure isn't the best program out there, but it does a pretty good job if you only need a basic recolor. However, if you're planning to add insignia, badges, ranks and medals to your drawings - which is something I suggest - you might consider using Photoshop, the GIMP, or any other professional software.

I know that some of the pictures still have American insignia and ranks, but you can get rid of those pretty easily with an eraser tool.

Modern uniforms


Combat uniform

Dress uniform

Mess Dress


Dress Uniform

Mess Dress




17th and 18th Century


  1. This is a GIF file. The preview of the file makes it look terrible, but when I opened it on Photoshop the picture was okay.