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I was President of Burkland. You might have a lot of thoughts about me if you ever got to know me. So, let me retroactively explain my micronationalism. I was a preteen. While non-adults are people (even as an adult, I feel my experience as a non-adult was dehumanizing), I didn't know everything. I had a very limited understanding of politics and that showed in my micronationalism. The term "tankie" (someone who supports any dictator as long as they are anti-American) describes me at the time. My understanding of imperialism (which is a real and relevant thing) was also extremely limited. Reading The Online Burklandi was extremely cringe-worthy and I deleted it because I couldn't be proud of a lot of the things I wrote. What official government publication references Futurama? Don't get me wrong, Futurama is wonderful, but it shouldn't be in a government publication. I was dead serious, I wanted an independent "Marxist" republic called Burkland to be a member of the United Nations and treated as just another sovereign state. It occasionally came to me the realization that an independent Burkland would instantly collapse.

I am still a communist, or more accurately, I am now a communist. I was averse to communism and Marxism because of their associations with totalitarian regimes, but independently, I developed the belief that automation should lessen the amount of work people have, that society should give people the essentials of living for existing, and that employing other people to work for you with the threat of starvation and homelessness is messed up. So, reading about the end-goal of the communist movement made me a communist. A socialist revolution isn't going to happen anytime soon, probably. This is not to be defeatist, but by the time 2020 arrives, we will almost certainly still have global capitalism. But socialists can and should do everything within our power to protect the well-being of workers and marginalized peoples (even in an inherently oppressive system) and to build the base for a revolution.

I do maintain of a lot of the hostility towards me was simple bullying given a thin intermicronational gloss. My self-identification as third gender was controversial. Well, guess what, I am now an open trans woman, on estradiol cypionate and progesterone, have breasts, legally Rachel and legally female, and strangers are shocked if I tell them I am MtF. And this is where I share my own personal identity things. I am autistic and I do not want to be non-autistic. I've had this position since I was an active micronationalist. I maintain this position not because I want to suffer, but because I don't want to. I hate what educators/MHPs have done to me to force me in normalcy, not because I was initially unhappy but because I didn't fit their idea of normal. I am so glad I am an adult and I can live openly trans female with medical intervention and openly autistic without educational/medical intervention. This is not to say no forms of autism should receive medical attention, that would irresponsible and dangerous. But for me, I am happiest when I am allowed to be myself (although, that can't undo the pain of the past).

"Why are you back?" Well, because all of this still exists. There is no way to erase Burkland off the Internet. Again, I don't want to feed into the dehumanization of non-adults, but I've gotten this stuff out of my system. I want people to know I feel ashamed of a lot of the things I did and said as a micronationalist. It may seem like I am judging micronationalists, such as telling members of the "Communist Party" of Burkland (myself) to reject all forms of nationalism, including micronationalism. Micronationalism is fine as a hobby and micronationalism isn't anywhere close to a threat to class conscience or internationalism. And I support genuine national liberation movements, such as the Palestinian and Kurdish struggles. But genuinely secessionist micronationalism is contrary to proletarian internationalism as micronational groups aren't oppressed and don't need to be liberated. Again, micronationalism isn't a big deal, it is me criticizing myself. I saw the term "costume communism" in reference to nominally communist micronations and I love it. It also should apply to the Communist Party USA (Democrats who like the color red). Anyway, back to why I am back. Basically, I want to correct the record, give a view of my activity and interactions with others with less of the micronational pretentions.

But even still, I wish all records could be deleted.

Have a good day.