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Flag Arms Picture Name Annexed Population Official(s)
N/A Wrythearms.png 1imperialrd.jpg Wrythe 20 September 2008 (as Town)
8 January 2017 (as City)
4 Representative
HIM Emperor Jonathan I
HIH Emperor Father Terry
New-richmond-flag.png New-richmond-coa.png SaintJosephsburg.png New Richmond 18 August 2013 (as Crown Dependency)
7 September 2014 (as Town)
9 January 2017 (as City)
20 Representative
HIH Lord Admiral Joseph Kennedy, Duke of Bohemia
Alex Francis
Palasiaflag.jpg N/A Palasia.png Palasia 12 July 2013 4 Representative
Lord John Gordon, Viscount of Thetford
Terentia Flag September TwoEighteen.png N/A EmperorTerrySquare.jpg Terentia 16 November 2013 (as Crown Dependency)
3 December 2014 (as Town)
6 Representative
Lady Vice Admiral Eryn Lewis, Duchess of Bernardston
N/A N/A Amerdansk.png Amerdansk 7 March 2016 (as Territory)
6 August 2018 (as Town)
3 Representative
Lord Anthony Clark, Baron of Amerdansk
Theodosiopolis-Flag.png Theodosiopolis-CoA.png Theodosiopolis.jpg Theodosiopolis 21 March 2019 4 Representative
Lord Dionisiy Tedzhan-Smahin, Count of West Frisia
Flag of Dragovina.png N/A Dragovina.png Dragovina 22 April 2019 3 Representative
Lord Edward Gunderson, Count of New Grémmia
N/A N/A Caldari.jpg Caldari 3 December 2014 2 Associated town
Margrave and Margravine
J. and M. Alexis
N/A N/A Glencrannogsatview1.png Glencrannog 21 February 2009 0 Governor
Saboviaflag.png N/A Photo of Corinium Terentium.png Corinium Terentium 4 May 2013 0 Governor
Lord Tribune Andrew Creed, Baron of Corinium Terentium
N/A N/A BeithCraobhIoastan.png Iostan na Beithe 13 April 2014 0 Governor
HE Pope Queranus I
N/A N/A Glencoe.jpg Glencoe 13 April 2014 0 Governor
HE Pope Queranus I
N/A N/A Aurora2.jpg Aurora 30 January 2016 0 Governor
Lord Karl Friedrich, Baron of Aurora
AdammicColumbiaFlag.png HawkinsCoA.png Hoagland.jpg Hoagland 10 July 2017 0 Governor
Lord Grant Hawkins, Count of Greater Hoagland
Zippyboi.png N/A Bregusland.jpg Bregusland 14 March 2019 0 Governor
Lord Charles Ross, Duke of Occidentia
Flag of Green Gate.jpeg N/A Green Gate2.jpg Green Gate 14 March 2019 0 Governor
Lord Zarel Smith, Baron of Green Gate
Crown Dependencies
Flag of New South Scotland-1.jpg Nya Skåne.png NewSouthScotland.png New South Scotland 25 January 2013 0 Governing Commissioner
The Rt Hon. Sir Hugh McFarlane, KCA
Flag of Oregonia.png N/A Oregonia.png Oregonia 30 June 2014 0 Governing Commissioner
Lord Adam, Duke of Washington
Flag of Enfriqua.png Arms of Enfriqua.png Enfriqua.jpg Enfriqua 15 January 2015 4 Governing Commissioner
H.E. Akka Bey
Dekker (2016) (bigger).png N/A NorthTarrant.png Dekker 16 July 2015 6 Governing Commissioner
The Rt Hon. Patrick-Dylan Knox
N/A N/A Imperia.jpg Imperia 29 October 2015 5 Governing Commissioner
The Rt Hon. Ketan Uzagi, OAO
Flag of Esmondia.png Seal of Esmondia.png Esmondia.jpg Esmondia 29 October 2015 0 Governing Commissioner
HRH King Tarik
Rushymiaflag.png N/A P8290045.JPG Rushymia 29 August 2018 0 None - governed directly by the Monarch
Nhnybybdueinwpoqk09ajnbgb7yby7 (3).png N/A Kingeston.jpg Kingeston 5 December 2018 0 Governing Commissioner
The Rt Hon. Austin Jaax, MAO
MouziloFlag.png Coat of Arms of Mouzilo.png Mouzilo.jpg Mouzilo 14 February 2019 1 Governing Commissioner
Manolis Afentoulis, Duke of Thessalia