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Imperial Cabinet of Westlake
1st ministry of Westlake AdammiaFlag.png
Date formed 7 October 2018
People and organizations
Head of government Ryan Moose
Head of state Duncan Glenn
No. of ministers 5
Ministers removed

The Cabinet of the Kaiserreich of Westlake is the central committee of the executive Imperial Government. It is comprised of the Kaiser of Westlake, Chancellor and the Ministers of the X amount government Ministries.

Members of the Cabinet

Portfolio Portrait Minister In office since
Kaiser Duncan Glenn I 23 March 2018
Chancellor Ryan Moose 2018
Chief Ambassador
Minister for Culture
ICJA2017.jpg HIM Emperor Jonathan I 8 October 2017 (as Chief Ambassador)
15 May 2017 (as Minister for Culture)
Minister of Defense 100px Admiral Thomas Merrell, MAO 29 July 2018