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Kaiserreich of Westlake

Gott mit uns
"God with us"
Heil dir im Siegerkranz
Austin, Texas
Capital cityN/A
Largest cityN/A
Official language(s)English/German (De Facto)
Official religion(s)Christianity (De facto)
Short nameWestlake
- KaiserDuncan Glenn I
- ChancellorRyan Moose
Area claimed0.004375 sq miles
CurrencyUSD (de facto)
Time zone Central Time Zone (UTC-6)
National sportHorseback Riding
National animalWhite-Tailed Deer

Westlake officially called the Kaiserreich of Westlake is a enclaved micronation claiming land in the suburbs of West Lake Hills. It declared independent on 23 March 2018 by. Westlake is inspired by turn of the century German Empire.


The name “Kaiserreich of Westlake” comes from two aspects. The first aspect is the government, Westlake is a kaiserreich (A empire led by a Kaiser), a form of government. The second aspect is geography, because “Westlake” is situated in a suburb called Westlake.


The Kaiserreich of Westlake declared independence on March 23rd, 2018, when Kaiser Duncan I had received the flag of Westlake.

Involement with Mangolia

The Occitan War was a war that started on April 3rd, 2018 because Mangolia was found guilty of vandalizing the Occitan Microwiki page. A coalition of nations formed against Mangolia, which the Kaiserreich of Westlake joined. The coalition produced a very successful propaganda campaign that got Mangolia to surrender. The Mangolian capital of Milan was divided amongst the various members of the coalition and South Mangolia was given independence under joint control by the the coalition members.

By May 25th, New Vinland, Iustus, Sartonia and Dolusia revoked their claim and backed out of the Coalition Government. By the 26th, the Kaiserreich of Westlake had dissolved the Republic of South Mangolia and set up the Protectorate Duchy of Mangolia with Kaiser Duncan Glenn’s brother, London Glenn as Duke. The leader of Natia, Nathan Smith, asked for the return of the colony Natia Italy which was agreed apon. Vlaanderen-Moa had talks with Westlake, but the talks eventually fell through.

On September 23, Westlake relinquished claims to Mangolia due to lack of physical control.

Government and politics

The Kaiserreich of Westlake is currently absolute monarchy, due to lacking constitution.

Foreign relations

Micronation that Westlake recognizes

Macronations Westlake recognizes

Macronations Westlake does not recognize


Geography and climate

Climate of Austin


Westlake maintains several garden plots.


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