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Hello my name is Boiboi, I am the president of the republic of Cachu.

here is some history.

  1. I joined Microwiki on April 27,2020
  2. i joined Microwiki forums April 27,2020
  3. i made my first edit April 27,2020
  4. i made my first page, the page of Cachu. April 27,2020
  5. i got one reputation on the microwiki forums April 28,2020
  6. I made my 10th edit April 30,2020
  7. i made my fifth page, Ministry of finance for Cachu May 1,2020
  8. i made an edit to someone else’s page May 1,2020
  9. This is my 50th edit May 1,2020
  10. I made my 100th edit on June 23,2020

planned events

  1. 1st birthday of Cachu !! March 20,2021
  2. my one year microversary April 27,2021

I don’t exactly know what a sandbox is but here is my sandbox,Sandbox of Boiboi.