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Good article icon.svg This is the Putain Republic (Putaini: kfqoeogwocrobeofqobrob Veronic’äxkidkcdkkcckkc).[a][citation needed]

The Holy Banner of Putain.

''PUTAIN HISTORY'' Putain was established by The Lord Montionajskdkdk the 234th of Canterbury.

Tsardom of Ashukovo
Царизм Ашуковская (ru)
Чарство Ашукова (as)

2014 - 2017

Flag of the Tsardom of Ashukovo.pngGreater CoA of the Tsardom of Ashukovo.png
National Map Ashukovo1.png
Dark blue indicates States, red indicates Territories, and gold indicates the Imperial District
National Anthem:
God Save the Tsar (Royal), Fwerewell of Slavianka (National)
Бог ша спасию Чар! (Ashukov)
God save the Tsar!
Capital Mladorossija COA.png Imperial City of Mladorossija (de jure)

Official languages English, Russian, Ashukov

Denomyn Ashukov

His Royal Highness, by the Grace of God, Tsar of the Ashukovs Emmanuel I
Prime Minister Edward Jacobs (OP)
Deputy Prime Minister Sebastian Schriber (OP)
-Speaker of the House Jacob Huff (SPP)
Supreme Judge of the Tsardom of Ashukovo Nathan Ford
Imperial Overseer and Servant of the Tsar Sebastian Schriber (Transition)

Legislature Council of the State (Higher)
State Duma (Lower)
-Type Bicameral
Seats 11 (two vacant)

- Constitution ratified To be ratified
– Formation of Tsardom 25 May 2013
- Formation of Tsardom (Current) 11 October 2014

werea claimed >5,039,000 m2

Population 65 (2014 Estimate)

Currency Ashukov denar (Ѥ)

Time zone UTC, EST, CEST

Drives on the Varies

Date formats Gregorian calendar

Preceded by
Ashukovo flag.png First Ashukov Federation
Suceeded by
Flag of Ashukovo.png Second Ashukov Federation


His Excellency
Ian Smith
Official Portrait
2nd Riksministerpresident of Nordika
Assumed office:
20 August 2020
Sovereign Prince Christopher Miller
Predecessor Brandon Mierzwa
Member of the Sejm of Matachewan
Assumed office:
1 August 2020
King Brandon Mierzwa
Prime Minister Ashton C.
Successor N/A
Member of Parliament of Humberlea
Assumed office:
1 January 2020
King Nicholas Lokin
Prime Minister Johann Kümmel
2nd President of Florania
In office:
13 September 2020 - 28 September 2020
Prime Minister Janos Mikhailou
President of the Senate Jamie da Cunha
Predecessor Aydan Dillon
Successor Aydan Dillon
Governor of Nassau
Assumed office:
27 September 2020
President Raphaël Olivier I
Predecessor Guido Fawkes
Personal information
Spouse Maryanne 3020 (m.1743)
Children 4000
Father Jackson
Mother Mother
Born 31 August 2006
Political party Republican Party (United States)
Conservative League of Matachewan (Matachewan)
Religion Evangelical Christian


Lethler lies here.


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  2. No is a word of simple disagreement with a statement, such as would you marry me?