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The Unified Royal States of Australis, colloquially known as Australis, is a self-declared sovereign state, commonly known as a micronation to external observers. It is primarily located in the southwestern region of Australia, but has external territories in the United States of America and the United Kingdom, making Australis a nation spanning three continents. Australis is composed of four inhabited states and eight territories. Australis has three capital cities: A legislative, executive and a ceremonial capital. These are Belvoir, New Yera and Jarrahview respectively. Australis declared independence from the Commonwealth of Australia on 8 April 2020 as the Commonwealth of Australis, however changed to its present name just one month later. Australis is a Grand Duchy, with a separate Legislative branch. This branch, the Australissian Legislative Council, is a small council currently composed of five members, whose members are appointed directly by the Grand Duke of Australis, and act as the National Cabinet. The reigning Grand Duke, HRH Daniel I, has been the Head of State of Australis since he was crowned Grand Duke of Australis, on 28 May 2020. The Head of Government of Australis, known as the Chancellor of Australis, is Sir Patrick Kenny. He is responsible for the operation of the Australissian Government and the coordination of the Australissian ministries. Australis frequents high positions on intermicronational rankings of performance. It scored fifth place in the October 2020 Cupertino Member Positivity Survey, earning 85 points. Furthermore, Australis ranks 4.00 on the Categoric-Gradial System of Classification, placing it in the 'Very High' category. On Roscoe's Scale of Micronational Seriousness, Australis scores 4.20, placing it in 'Very High'. In addition, Australis scores 4.60 on Freayth's System of Classification. Australis has held full membership in the Cupertino Alliance since July 2020 and the Grand Unified Micronational since November 2020. Australis is also a member of several smaller organisations, such as the League of Independent Nations. Australis is a member of the Constantia Pact, a diplomatic pact between several nations, most notably the Commonwealth of Naveria. Due to its participation in the GUM and the CA, in addition to its high rankings and relative influence of its leader, Australis can be described as a micronational power.