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Unified Royal States of Australis
Verenig Koninklik Staat Van Australis (Afrikaans)
Coat of arms
Coat of arms
Motto: Melior est enim orbis terrarum
English: For a better world
Anthem: Glory to Australis
CapitalNew Yera (Executive)
Jarrahview (Ceremonial)
Largest StateIntegritas
Official languagesEnglish, Afrikaans
Recognised regional languagesNyungar
Religion(February 2021)
GovernmentSemi-constitutional Monarchy
HRM Daniel I
• Prime Minister
The Rt. Hon. Cameron Koehler
LegislatureParliament of Australis
Privy Council (de facto)
House of Commons
Independence from Australia
• Declaration of Independence
8 April 2020; 10 months ago (2020-04-08)
• Duchy Established
28 May 2020; 8 months ago (2020-05-28)
• Total area
3.69724 km2 (1.42751 sq mi)
• January 2021 census
CurrencyAustralian Dollar
Time zoneACT (UTC+8:00)
Calling code+61 (de facto)
Internet (de facto)

The Unified Royal States of Australis, colloquially known as Australis, is a self-declared independent sovereign nation, commonly known as a micronation by external observers. Australis declared independence on 8 April 2020 as the Commonwealth of Australis, but changed its name to its present form under a month later. Australis is primarily located in the southwestern region of Australia. Australis is composed of two states, two dominions and two territories. The capital city of Australis, New Yera, is located in the Australissian state of Amicitia.

Australis is a semi-constitutional Monarchy. HRH Daniel I is the Head of State, having reigned as the Grand Duke of Australis since 28 May 2020. The legislature of Australis is a unicameral system, with the House of Commons, led by the Prime Minister of Australis, Cameron Koehler, having the power to make and pass law. However, the legislature has also been described by many as a bicameral system, due to the Privy Council of Australis having a substantial say on national decisions, despite its official role as an advisory body to the Grand Duke. The Privy Council is chaired by the Lord-President of the Council, Liam Munroe.

Australis is a member of the Cupertino Alliance and Grand Unified Micronational, having attained full membership in July and November 2020, respectively.