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Australis/PoliNation 2010
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Attendees of PoliNation 2010.jpg
Attendees of the summit listening to a speech
Host country Australia
Venue(s)Dangar Island, Sydney, Australia
WebsiteOfficial invitation link

PoliNation 2010 was a micronational summit that took place on 17 April 2010, on Dangar Island, an island nearby to Sydney, Australia. The summit was organised by Dr. Judy Lattas of Macquarie University, Princess Paula of The Principality of Snake Hill, and George Cruickshank of the Empire of Atlantium.

Macquarie University, a prominent university based in New South Wales, Australia, officially supported the conference.


The summit coincided with the 40th anniversary of the Principality of Hutt River declaring independence.

The price for a ticket to PoliNation 2010 was 25 Australian Dollars.


An independent micronational news source estimated that approximately 40 delegates, academics, and members of the press attended the summit.

Micronations in attendance

Media coverage

BBC correspondent Phil Mercer interviewing Dr Judy Lattas at PoliNation 2010.[1]

Phil Mercer, a correspondent for the British Broadcasting Corporation, was in attendance at the summit.

In addition, the Associated Press attended the summit.

Other notable attendees

Dr. Judy Lattas, a notable academic from Macquarie University, attended the summit as one of the event's organisers.

Paul Poet, a film producer, attended the summit with a film crew, as part of a documentary entitled Empire Me: New Worlds Are Happening!.