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L.J. Rotfels
Classic profile picture
Born September 1999
Political party Ceticilian Ecological Union
Religion Pantheism

Welcome to my user page, my name is Aqua or L.J. Rotfels.

I am a Ceticilian and Rewaldian politician who is currently running for the office of President of Ceticilia.

Personal notes

Main article: Aqua

My name is L. J. Rotfels also, especially in this Wiki and otherwise colloquially I'm also called Aqua. I was born and raised in the West of Germany and am fluent in both English and German. I am the creator of the conlang Cet and am currently working on another conlang which is an International Auxiliary Language. My interests include sustainable lifestyles, information technology, linguistics and politics, especially those that are left-leaning and green. I went into micronationalism at 12 years old in the year 2011 and found a niche hobby there, declaring my backyard into a (now-defunct) country.

Political notes

Main article: AquaticEE/CEU Presidential Campaign, 2021

A member of the Ceticilian Ecological Union, I'm currently running for President of Ceticilia. My political orientation is - in the case of Ceticilia - one of protectionism, development, wealth distribution and ecological protection. Though I've ran for President of Ceticilia successfully before, though my ideology has shifted sufficiently so that, if elected, my previous presidencies would be considered wildly different from what you would see today, as back then I considered myself a Social Democrat while I'd describe myself as Ecological Democratic Socialist today.
I believe that Ceticilia, as it is a team project should do more to battle the breaches of seperation of powers, which is something I'm less worried with in the Queendom of Rewalde as those two nations are wildly different projects in their nature. Though, it should be said that in both instances a focus on the environmental and wealth distributionary part should be made.

I support LGBTQ+ rights including ease of marriage and access to quick and safe medical transitioning and acknowledge the existence and validity of both traumagenic and endogenic plural systems.

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