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To Whom it May Concern

Welcome to the Circle of Hell 1 3/4, also known as my userpage. I am Andrew Perdomo, the founder and the current monarch of Pontunia, a Catholic micronation enclaved within territories in Louisiana. I currently have 1,871 edits. I see editing as a burden that keeps me alive passion and love to edit and make new articles on various topics.
If you need any help or guidance from me, you may freely contact me on my talk page and I would be happy to help you out. Apart my association in Pontunia and editing on MicroWiki, I am active in the MicroWiki community as a whole as a right wing politician, theorist, voice actor, actor and a lot of other things. You can reach out to me on Discord – my discord username and ID is A05#4062.

muh ribbons

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about me

My man

Hello. I’m Andrew I, King of Pontchartrain-Maurepas. New Virginia knows me as a disgrace, and I have been banned from a few anime servers for doing God’s work. I run a literal authoritarian right wing paradise.

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i have 1,871 edits on this site.


( ͡°( ͡° ͜ʖ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)ʖ ͡°) ͡°)

my dumpster my other dumpster my political beliefs/dumpster dumpster deluxe

positions i hold

  • King of Pontunia
  • Prince of New Nidaros
  • Former Holy Leader of Pontunia
  • Survivor of 5 hours of the GrubHub ad
  • Gent
  • Grandmaster of Bōenska
  • Austenasian Citizen and Disgrace
  • Vice President of cornistan
  • An Asshole
  • American
  • Young Republican
  • Monarchist
  • Former Falangist
  • a few more that i'm too lazy to put onto here
My current goal: 4200
edits: 44.4% complete


Stat Value
Edits 1,871
Pope GangThis User is a Catholic. Doesn’t mean he likes the current Pope.
PRMThis User is a Popular Revolutionary Monarchist.
Socialists beware.

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Femboy.jpgThis user thinks that Charles Ross is just okay.

funnyThis user is funny because they like to irrelevantly say funny words such as "penis."
Kanye West.pngThis user endorses Kanye West to become the 41st Governor of California.
good music tasteThis user unironically listens to Kanye West.
Pontunia2.pngThis user is an Authoritarian Right.
Rhodesia vanpelt.jpgThis user has a good knowledge of micronational colonialism, and will claim your land as soon as your micronation dies

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