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Empire of Aenopia

2019 — 2022

Flag of Aenopia.svgCoat of Arms of Aenopia.svg

Victory or Death
"Gustav Holst- Jupiter" (orchestral)

World map of Aenopia.svg
Northern Aenopia orphographic projection.svg

Capital cityNew Aberdare
Largest cityWhite (by land area)
New Aberdare (by population)
Official language(s)English
ReligionState Atheism
State Bobism
Short nameAenopia
LegislatureY Senedd
Established1 July 2019
DisestablishedAugust 2022[a]
Area claimed15,640 sq metres
Population9 residents, 8 registered citizens
CurrencyPound sterling
Member state of the Grand Unified Micronational and the Cupertino Alliance
Microcode: AA[1][2]

The Aenopian transition to democracy marks an ongoing period in history encompassing the transition of power from the monarchy of Aenopia towards a democratically-elected government. During this period of time, democratic institutions were either established or revitalised, whilst the focus of the monarchy of Aenopia turned towards improving activity and maintaining the fledgling democratic system.

The Empire of Aenopia was established as an absolute monarchy with little provision for a democratically elected government within the constitution, with Aenopia ruled exclusively by the monarchy of Aenopia. The first government was established in July 2020, consisting of officials appointed by the monarchy. Despite this, the government was largely inactive from establishment to dissolution in October 2020, in addition to the lack of democratic election to determine the members of Senedd. Aattempts to hold election would occur in August 2020, October 2020 and December 2021 failed to achieve the minimum number of candidates and subsequently failed, before the first election was successfully conducted in March 2022.

The end result of the transition to democracy was the dissolution of the Empire of Aenopia and foundation of the Commonwealth of Aenopia in August 2022. Aenopia is currently ranked as a full democracy under the Micronational Democracy Index in 2022. Prior to the democratisation of Aenopia, Aenopia was ranked as a hybrid regime due to the lack of a functioning government and absence of elections from 2019 to 2021.

Political role of Logan I

Logan Ross came to power as the Governor of Aenopia following its establishment as a dominion on 1 July 2019.

March 2022 elections


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  1. The Empire of Aenopia would cease to exist following the transition to a commonwealth.


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