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Abigail Faith Juneau, or "Abbie", was born to Abraham and Alice (Black) Juneau on 14 December 2000 in Brussels, Belgium. She grew up in Paris, France until she turned 12, then her family moved to the United States for better paying jobs to support her family.


She lives in a house of 6 including her dog Ailee (a German Shepherd). Her parents (Abraham and Alice) her sisters, Josephine, Isabelle, herself, and main ally but most certainly not least...her brother Jean.


She live in Escanaba, Michigan with her close friend and cousin, Liam Carignan d'Medici who persuaded her into becoming the Secretary-General of the MUPMU, or Michigan Upper Peninsula Micronational Union.

Later in March, Liam Carignan d'Medici told her he no longer wanted his nation but in her stead, he would attend meetings for her as she is unable to herself due to the money situation of her family. As Liam is her cousin and the past leader of Huntsburg, he is recognized by many already to lead a nation as his descent by his ancestors and claimant to his name d'Medici, seems to be in his blood (a joke).

Today, Miss Abigail is the Queen of Huntsburg.

If you have any further questions, please message her in her inbox.

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