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Royal Armed Forces
Service branchesHis Majesty's Navy
Royal Army Reserve
Commander-in-ChiefKing Adam
Military age14
Available for
military service
5, age 15–49
Active personnel2
Reserve personnel1

Awards etc


  • Michael of Edmount, for his role in the foundation, reform, and early monarchichal politics of Überstadt.
  • Prince Aaron of Überstadt, for his role in Überstadti politics, serving as Opposition Leader and Prime Minister.


  • HH King Mother Kara, for sewing the first cloth flag, assisting in governmental reform, and continuously supporting Überstadt
  • Theron of Edmount, first Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Überstadt
  • Adara of America, for her role in the foundation of Überstadt


  • Jonathan of Austenasia, for constant service to peace and stability in the MicroWiki community, for diplomatic accomplishments, and for long-term contributions to the Grand Unified Micronational. Awarded while Crown Prince of Austenasia
  • Luke Albertschine, for assisting in the cultivation of the Über-Amagerian relationship and pursuit of mutual interests


  • Niels of Flandrensis, for his diplomatic contributions to the Kingdom and for the foundation of the UAMW.
  • Aldrich Lucas, for his assistance to Überstadt during its first weeks on MicroWiki
  • Marka Mejakhansk, for contributions to communitywide peace
  • Alexander Reinhardt, for contributions to communitywide peace and Überstadti interests.

Service: Adam I of Überstadt, civil service, Secretary of the Treasury Seth, Second Baron Ballinger, military service, Royal Army and Royal Gendarmerie Stephen von Washington, military service, His Majesty's Navy Prince Aaron of Überstadt, military service, His Majesty's Navy


Labor voucher
Official usersUberflag.jpg
Pegged to1 hour labor
NicknameLabor point, point, voucher

The Überstadti labor voucher is the means of non-monetary compensation in the Kingdom of Überstadt. Labor vouchers are credited to individuals who perform work of benefit to the Kingdom and are redeemed for goods and services in a similar fashion to currency. Labor vouchers are deleted upon redemption and are non-transferable, however, and are as such not considered money.