People's Republic of Usania

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The People's Republic of Usania
Coat of Arms

"The Bedroom Nation"
Me Me Me
Eureka, California
Capital cityValladolid
Official language(s)English, Formiguese
Official religion(s)Catholicism, Protestantism
Short nameUsania
GovernmentSocialist republic
- Prime MinisterAlan J. Villarruel
Established25, January, 2015
CurrencyU.S. Dollar

Official Website

Usania (formally Peoples Republic of Usania) is an micronation claiming a bedroom as it's territory, which is located in Eureka, California.


Early History

Usania dates back to 2011 when Alan J. Villarruel was watching a Family Guy Episode where Peter Griffin started his country in his house, so Villarruel did some research after watching the episode, and found out about Micronationalism, and was researching on Molossia which is located near Reno, Nevada, so he started his first country named Verde, however it failed to be a nation, later he created many more micronations, and they all failed to survive as nations.


Usania was finally established on January 25, 2015, four of his friends joined him as citizens, Villarruel declared himself Prime Minister of Usania, and declared it a socialist state.

On January 27, 2015, two of Villarruel's friends were also given citizenship, increasing the population to 7.

On January 27, 2015, the Official Languages Act was signed into law by Prime Minister Villarruel, making English & Formiguese (a man-made language) the official languages,

Government and Economy

Usania is a Socialist republic ruled by the Prime Minister, he is in charge of all the laws, politics, & economy in Usania.



There are currently 7 citizens in Usania, as a of January 27, 2015.


The ethnic makeup of Usania is 57% Mediterranean and 42% Nordic.


The official languages are English & Formiguese, which is a language invented Prime Minister Alan J. Villarruel.


Usanian culture is a based from American, Spanish, & Mexican cultures, basically a mix of the three.


The religious makeup of Usania is 71% Roman Catholic and 28% Protestant.


Suddenlink provides Internet to Usania, as well as some television services.

Foreign relations

Usania currently has no foreign relations with other micronations, Prime Minister Villarruel stated "we don't want to have relations with other nations, we are not ready for that yet, we are still a very young nation".