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Universism is a religion worshiped in the Republic of Universa, but nowhere else. The Universist religious text is known as the Tibal. It is unknown exactly when the Tibal was written, but it is known that it was written after 2013.

The Tibal

The Tibal is the religious text of Universism. It is not followed by all. Some, like Luca Demirag, are non-theist Universists, choosing simply to believe in the message of the Tibal; others follow the Tibal exactly.

The First Book

In the first book of the Tibal, the first words are 'nothing is eternal; it is the only thing eternal.', signifying that the only thing in the universe that is eternal is nothing. At the beginning of Universism, there was Nothing. Nothing generated Bal'Mi, the head God of the Council of Fourths. Bal'Mi created a Universe, but wanted life in the Universe. So they created three gods: Sol, god of the Sun; Lun, goddess of the Moon; and Terre, deity of Earth. Bal'Mi created a council with them, the Council of Fourths, but still this was not life. Bal'Mi decided to find out which god would be most suitable for life. So he gave them a question: 'If I were to create life on one of you, who should have life on them and why?' Sol showed a blazing ball of fire and said that his heat would keep life warm. Lun showed a ball of rock and said that there was nothing cluttering the land, and her emptiness would allow for more buildings. But Terre was the wisest, and ze showed a planet with resources to survive with. So Bal'Mi gave control of life to Terre while Bal'Mi gave them their aspects. To plushies, Bal'Mi gave an Underworld, divided into three sections: one for the notably good; one for the unnotable; and one for the notably bad. To come to these he made 'Spirits'. One Spirit that was bad in life somehow escaped the pull of the Underworld, and he found the Council of Fourths. He demanded to be the fifth member; not a single council-member supported his coming. Enraged, he fled. But because he was so evil that he escaped the pull of the Underworld, he became an evil deity, not part of the Council of Fourths. He would now be named Waz'Ki.

The Second Book

The second book mostly talks about plushie heroes, such as Sun-Jun.

The Third Book

The third and final book talks about how one day, Bal'Mi will die, and thus will begin Waz'Ki's coming. Sol will stop providing heat and light; Lun will vanish; and Terre will be engulfed by what is known as 'The Cold', leaving room for Waz'Ki's worshipers, and his worshipers only to survive and dominate. But as the First Book said, nothing is the only thing eternal, and one day, Nothing will come back and end Waz'Ki. Then, there will be Nothing once again.