United Territories of Touyant

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United Territories of Touyant
Territorios Unidos de Touyant (Span)
Islands .png
Coat of arms
Motto: De las cenizas florecemos
Anthem: God Save the Queen
Largest cityPuerto Kingston
Other languagesEnglish / Spanish
GovernmentUnitary parliamentary constitutional monarchy
• Monarch
Elizabeth II
• Governor general
Eryn Lewis
• Prime Minister
Tyler Boyle
• Deputy Prime Minister
Aidan McGrath
Establishment4 December 2018
• Total
2,059 km2 (795 sq mi)
• Estimate
CurrencyTouyant Pound
Time zoneUTC - GMT Offset

The United Territories of Touyant is a nation established on 4 December 2018, and is currently lead by Prime Minister Tyler Boyle.


The United Territories of Touyant is a proclaimed self governing, realm of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. The Ruler or Queen over the UTT is Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom, and the Prime Minister Tyler Boyle and Deputy Prime Minister, Aidan McGrath. The idea of the nation was born on 28 November 2018 after the two were discussing politics, then the idea came to Aidan McGrath to create a new nation, the nation would be called United Socialist Republic's Of Touyant. Soon in time the idea died out and a few weeks later, Mister Boyle had decided to make a new nation in replacement for the unsuccessful one, the name would be, the United Kingdom of Touyant. but later this idea fell through. Then Mister McGrath, told Mister Boyle that his nation could be a self governing realm of the United Kingdom. At first he declined the idea, but later grew interest in the thought, and on 4 December 2018 at 10:45 am, the United Territories of Touyant was established and with the Queen being the Monarch, Mister Boyle would later become Prime Minister and Mister McGrath would become Deputy Prime Minister. the land claims would be made in the Galapagos, on Isla Pinta and Isla Marchena. And although her Majesty, Elizabeth the Second, by the Grace of God, of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, and the United Territories of Touyant, and of Her other Realms and Territories Queen, Head of the Commonwealth, Defender of the Faith, has not yet granted our petition, nor authorized this nation being made.

Government and politics

The government is split into two houses of Parliament, the House of Lords and the House of Commons. The upper house consists of the speaker, and all peers of UTT. The lower house consists of the Cabinet Ministers and a speaker. Sometimes, the prime minister will join as Member of Parliament for Kingston.


- The Queen of England, Queen Elizabeth II is the Monarch of the United Territories of Touyant

- The Prime Minister, Tyler Boyle is governmental leader of the United Territories of Touyant

- The Deputy Prime Minister, Aidan McGrath is the secound governmental leader of the United Territories of Touyant

- The Governor General, Eryn Lewis is the monarch of a sovereign state in the governing of an independent realm.


Road System

The road system in the UTT consists of a primary road system – The British Road – a secondary road system – The American Road – and a tertiary road system for municipal highways, and county roads. Primary, secondary, and tertiary roads are maintained by the Touyant Ministry of Routes (TMOR), while the quaternary roads – other road systems – are maintained by their towns, or if the town requests, the TMOR may maintain them.


The air travel system is also maintained by the Ministry of Routes. to this day there are no landing strips on the islands.


Water travel is also maintained by the Ministry of Routes, or the UTT Armed Forces. There is only one public seaport, connecting UTT and Ecuador. This seaport has never been used


Aerospatial travel is maintained by the Ministry of Aerospatial Exploration. The ministry has no commissioned spacecraft.

Foreign relations

Touyant has very few diplomatic ties to other nations.

London Bridge Protocol

Flags and Historical Banners of Touyant

National Flag of the UTT
Flag of Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister
Flag of Governor General
Flag of Minister for Indigenous Affairs
Flag of the United Kingdom with a white cross added for Touyant
Flag of the United Kingdom

The flags used in the United Territories of Touyant are its national flag called the, Southern Jack and its Prime Minister and Governor General flags