United States of Shvaan

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Unitew Statin ip Shvaan
United States of Shvaan
Official language: Angorian
Capital: Wesley City
Government: federal presidential republic
Head of state and
head of government:
Joseph ("Jeff") McGuire
Area: 1,540,000 sq km
Population: 172,000,000
Population density: 112/sq km
Currency: 1 Ponde = 100 Centin
Foundation: 1804 (United States of South-Shvaan alias New Angore)
Independence: 1850 (of Angore)

The United States of Shvaan (Angorian: Unitew Statin ip Shvaan, U.S.S.) is a federal presidential republic in Southern Shvaan, comprising seven federal states. It is bordered by Javayy to the north, Rheymaan to the west and the U.S.S.-administered South Pole Area.

Federal States

1. New Angore, N. Ang./NA

  • one of the two founding states of 1804
  • capital: Axwaight (since 1850; before 1850 it was New Mavin alias Wesley City)
  • Governor: Jennifer Orange (LDP); Vice-Gov.: Mario Sgrottino (LDP)

2. Nussher, Nuss./NS

  • the other founding state of 1804
  • capital: Waightener
  • Governor: Mary Rose Celley (CCP); Vice-Gov.: Robert L. Newarker (LDP)

3. Vonew, Von./VN

  • entered the Union 1812
  • capital: Maverig (earlier it was Camoraigh)
  • Governor: Wilhelm Neumercker (LDP); Vice-Gov.: Josephine Tenerva (CCP)

4. Inowaigh, Inow./IW

  • entered the Union 1821
  • capital: Newin
  • Governor: Horace C. Jefferson (CCP); Vice-Gov.: José ("Pépé") de Tortola Lopez (non-partisan)

5. Wesley, Wesl./WL

  • split from New Angore 1850
  • capital: Wesley City
  • Governor: Frédéric Lacroit (LDP); Vice-Gov.: Victoria Meirham (non-partisan)

6. Charlagne, Chle./CL

  • former Francorian colony ("Nouwau Francore")
  • entered the Union 1864
  • capital: Turroi
  • Governor: Jeanne Sophie Girardé (non-partisan); Vice-Gov.: Moses D. Andrews (CCP)

7. Siyaan, Siyn./SY

  • former part of the Hasponian colonial empire ("Hasponaan Novesse")
  • entered the Union 1882
  • capital: Sivay
  • Governor: Manuel Camillo Toledo D'Oro (CCP); Vice-Gov.: Daniel Charlemagne (non-partisan)


Of the 172 mill. inhabitants are 32% descendents of Angorian settlers, 22% descendents of Francorians (mainly in Chle., Siyn., Nuss. and Wesl.), 18% Nero-Shvaanians (descendants of Black slaves), 14% Haspono-Shvaanians (mainly in the West and North) and 14% of other ancestry. The number of Indigenious Shvaanians is approximately 1 mill.


The Wesley Bay was settled by Angorian missionaries in 1637. From then on the South Shvaanian semicontinent was developped by Albans by driving back the indigenous population. The first peoples that settled in the New World were Angorians (around Wesley alias New Mavin) and Francorians (around Axwaight alias Nouwau Caledon). Around 1700 the new countries got the status of official colonies of the respective empires. When the Angorians moved forward into New Francore, the Francorians had to move to nowaday's Charlagne which is influenced by Francorian culture up to today. In late 18th century Hasponia acquired Siyaan and made it part of its colonial empire "Hasponaan Novesse". In 1804 the states of New Angore and Nussher were allowed a certain degree of autonomy from Angore as the "United States of South-Shvaan". Vonew was added 1812, Inowaigh 1821. Millions of Black nerian slaves were carried off to Shvaan during the first half of the 19th century. The United States declared their independence in 1850, the Angorian empire had to accept this. At that time, the U.S.S. were one of the first democracies on the planet. Charlagne split off from Francore in 1864 and was allowed to enter the Union, the same happened 1882 with the Hasponian Siyaan.


The U.S.S. is a constitutional federal presidential republic. Head of state and of government and Commander-in-Chief of the U.S. armed forces is the President who is elected by the Senate for four years. The President appoints the Vice-President and the ministers (currently 36). The Senate is the representation of the governments of the seven states which have ten votes each that have to be given homogenously. The laws are resolved by the Senate and the National Assembly jointly. The 585 representatives in the National Assembly are voted by the people directly in single-seat-constituencies. The budget is decided by the National Assembly alone. The justices of the National Court are voted by the Senate. The National Court controls the President. The federal states are led by governors, their legislatures are the State Congresses. The states are divided into districts, which are led by prefects and have general councils and local courts. The lowest political units are the municipalities with mayors and municipal councils.


National Assembly Elections

Parties Votes (%) seats
Christian Conservative Party (Christew Conservatin Party) 51 299
Liberal Democratic Party (Liberal Democratew Party) 44 257
Social Democratic Party (Social Democratew Party) 1 9
Green Party of the U.S.S. (Groen Party ip de U.S.S.) 1 7
others 3 13
Total 100 585


The Christian Conservative Party (Christew Conservatin Party, CCP) is a center-right Christian Democratic and conservative party and one of the two main parties in the USS. President Jeff MacGuire is the party's leader. The CCP consists of two major and two minor factions. The bigger ones are the pro-business conservatives around MacGuire, Governor Manuel Toledo of Siyaan and Finance Minister Chris Builler, and the social conservatives around Moses Andrews, vice-governor of Charlagne, Minister of Social Security Mary Lexeress and Governor Mary Rose Celley of Nussher. The smaller ones are the market liberals, led by Josephine Tenerva, vice-governor of Vonew and Minister of Justice Nelson Franklins, and the centrist moderates, led by Minister of Labour Madelen Lexington and Vice-President Michelle Carrère.

The Liberal Democratic Party (Liberal Democratew Party, LDP) is a centrist liberal party and currently the main opposition party. It is led by Governor Frédéric Lacroit of Wesley. LDP represents classical liberals like Lacroit, conservative liberals like Vonew's Governor Wilhelm Neumercker, social liberals like Jennifer Orange, governor of New Angore. LDP's Jerome Carlson of Siyaan is even considered a moderate social democrat.

The Social Democratic Party (Social Democratew Party, SDP) is a tiny center-left opposition party. It represents the social democrats and democratic socialists and is led by Martha Walker of Charlagne.

The Green Party of the U.S.S. (Groen Party ip de U.S.S., GP) is another tiny center-left opposition party. It presents itself as an ecologist and social alternative. GP is led by Dr. Marjorie Emmerson Jeznow of New Angore.


President: Joseph ("Jeff") Mac Guire (CCP), Nuss.

Vice-President: Dr. Michelle Carrère (CCP), Chle.


Foreign: Isabella Maria Toledo Torrijoy (CCP), Siyn.

Interior: Pete T. Mendel (CCP), Wesl.

Finance: Christopher ("Chris") Builler (CCP), Von.

Labour: Madelen Eslington (CCP), N. Ang.

Industry: Dr. Franz Meisner (CCP), Inow.

Defense: Paul Celley (CCP), Nuss.

State Security: William ("Bill") J. Kerner (CCP), Inow.

Justice: Prof. Nelson J. Franklins (CCP), N. Ang.

Social Security: Mary Lexeress (CCP), Wesl.

Trade: Enrique Ignacio Jarredoy Contadinay (CCP), Siyn.

Technology: Matthew ("Matt") Grunnings, Von.

Energy: Sergio Napolitono, Wesl.

Transport: Napoléon de Juneuvre, N. Ang.

Agriculture: Luíz Raúl Tendoy da Plata (CCP), Inow.

Nutrition: Christin Newest, Von.

Environment: Dr. Francois Duvalier, Siyn.

Health: Dr. Anne Prevered, Inow.

Family: Lily Wen Jeuy (CCP), Wesl.

Construction: Konstantinos ("Kostas") Papadopoulos (CCP), Von.

Education: Angélique Dumon (CCP), Chle.

Development: Michel Berjeraque, Chle.

Sports: Jeremy Walker (CCP), Chle.

Communications: Diana Jawnson (CCP), N. Ang.

Science: Prof. Martín Juan Gonzalez Ponitoy, Nuss.

Culture: Prof. Jerôme Dupoinz, Nuss.

State Coordination: James Lee Carter (CCP), Siyn.