United States of Gunland (Estados Unidos ng Barilatera)

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1. The New Beginning (May 15,2021 to June 21, 2021)- United States of Gunland was founded on May 15, 2021. Leumas A. Ateucse was declared as President and Yosef Andre was declared as Vice President but His Vice-Presidency as a Secret but Jonnel Avila was the Vice President, But He is the ONLY Vice President that was not Secret because Yosef Andre was hated by the People, Former Senator Charles Derequito caused The Hate against VP Yosef. In May 22, 2021, Charles Derequito lost his Position and Citizenship because of He is insulting Our Nation because He said that Gunland is FAKE country which Enrage Leumas and Yosef.


The Mainland is 5000 m2 in Size but Its 10 Overseas States are Unknown in Size. Samawin (6th State of Gunland) and Pitomkin (7th State of Gunland) are the most Polluted States that Gunland had, Making Gunland the most Polluted Micronation in the Philippine Micronations Association.

The Mainland is the only place on Gunland to have a Border Wall (or Fence) Making All Overseas States easily to get entered by an Unexpected Visitor.


The only Weather Gunland can experience is Rain and Summer just like a Normal Tropical Country in Southeast Asia which is Our Country was located.


Since the United States of Gunland is a Direct Democracy is We must have 2 Political Parties only called the “Conservative Democrat’s Party” and the “Liberal Democrat’s Party”. The Elections can only take place Every 5 years which makes If the One Presidential Candidate wins, He/She will become President and He will also have a Vice President and Senators or more which is a Member of His/Her Party can have Power like the USA.

Name Ideology Chairperson Count of Members
Conservative Democrat's Party Conservatism Yosef Andre (Yosef the Conquerer) 2
Liberal Democrat's Party Liberalism Unknown 1


The Government of Gunland is known for Being Democratic. The President is the Highest Position on the Halton Government. In addition to this, The President of United States of Gunland is also the Commander in Chief of the Halton Land Army and the Halton Aquatic Navy

The Government of Gunland do hate Monarchy despite having Monarch Allies like the Empire of Vilasia. Gunland usually wanted to Spread Democracy to the World using Youtube and Facebook. Most of the Government Officials are 13 years old or above because the Legal age in Gunland was 12 years old.

The President of Gunland only have 5 Years to Rule like Leumas A. Ateucse because He was Inaugurated Officially in May 29, 2021 even though He is already President and He will end His Term in February 11, 2026 because of You know, 5 Years rule only. All Government Officials like the President, Vice President or more can only have 1 Term which is 5 Years only.

Gunland’s Government works just Fine in the Mainland and Other States of Gunland but Except in Samawin and Pitomkin because Those 2 States are the Only Places that are not good to Visit because of People act like Criminals.


The United States of Gunland is Poor! Its GDP is only 500 Philippine Pesos or 10.389 US (American) Dollars. Gunland is Poor because of the Pandemic but Luckily, we have plans to get rich in July of 2021. Gunland expected that Its GDP will be 20,000 Philippine Pesos or 415.56 US (American) Dollars. Gunland do have a Currency and It’s called as Halton Bullet but We don’t use it because It was Commemorative and Also not common to the People.