United Socialist State

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The United Soviet State, more commonly known as the USS, is a fictional micronation under a Communist Dictatorship in the show 2021.

In 2021, the nation was founded after The Wellmoorean Insurgency/Crisis and is under a Totalitarian Stalinist Dictatorship.

United Socialist State
Official languagesEnglish
State Atheism
GovernmentFederal Marxist–Leninist One-Party Parliamentary Socialist Republic under a Stalinist Totalitarian Dictatorship
• Supreme Leader
The Supreme General
LegislatureBicameral Parliament
Supreme Council
Council of Soviets
• Start of the Wellmoorean Insurgency
31st of June 2021
• Insurgent Victory
2nd of July 2021
• USS Foundation
2nd of July 2021
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In the show 2021, the USS was founded on the 2nd of July 2021 after The Wellmoorean Insurgency/Crisis with the English Insurgents.

Reason for Creation

The show and the nation was created as an exaggerated projection of what Luke of Wellmoore thought Wellmoore would be like in the instance of an insurgent victory after the crisis.

Politics and Government

The USS is a Communist Dictatorship under the leadership of the English Insurgency Party. The nation's head of state is the Supreme Leader, in which is an office held by "The Supreme General". The Supreme General was the person that Insurgent Leader S left in command of the nation in the 2021 Universe.

Law and Order

The USS Government has a zero tolerance policy for law breaking and sits as a very authoritarian and totalitarian police state and have very strict organisations such as Police and Armed Forces.

Foreign Relations

The USS is a fairly isolationist nation. However the government does support other communist revolts in other fictional nations.


The USS Government is very militaristic government and has a large military.

Culture and Media

As the Government is totalitarian all aspects of life and culture is controlled by the government and the Supreme General.

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