United Royal Precepts of the Principality and Kingdom of Paradise Valley

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Paradise Valley was originally conceived as a part of a social studies class in the Spring of 1997 in Parsons, Kansas in the United States. As part of that course students were required to create a country with a flag, constitution, and Declaration of Independence, which is hallmarked as the First Constitutional Convention. Later, with the conflict and immorality concerning the impeachment of President Clinton of the United States, the Second Constitutional Convention was convened with a goal of establishing a nation governed by Christian morality. The Constitution of 1999 and a formal Declaration of Independence were adopted on February 14, 1999, Paradise Valley City was established as the capitol, and President Jonathan Thomas Hensley was elected on the Republican ticket. Bob Dole was elected as the Honorary Vice President, though the election was only of symbolic nature, as Vice President Dole never formally accepted the post.

During the first two years many struggles and wars ensued by neighboring territories challenging Paradise Valley's move towards sovereignty and independence. Those years were fraught with invasions of, and by, Paradise Valley. In preparations for a move of the nation, and due to the constant dangers from her neighboring countries, Paradise Valley erected an emergency system of underground bunkers and an underground rail to prepare for possible evacuations. In November 2000, President Hensley was forced into exile in Spruce, Missouri and then to Coffeyville, Kansas in March 2001, due to the invasion force of several neighboring countries. The property of Paradise Valley was seized, and held hostage, and the underground rail immediately began evacuating citizens. During this time a State of Emergency was declared, and government officials were airlifted to the area's President Hensley was located.

President Hensley moved back to Parsons, Kansas on June 2, 2001 and several temporary locations for the government of Paradise Valley were established throughout the next four years. In 2002, President Hensley switched his Party affiliation to the Democratic ticket; however, due to the tremendous conservative Christian values of the population, several laws were passed attempting to bring Paradise Valley in biblical governance. Once partial order was resumed, President Hensley was re-elected in 2002 under the Democratic Ticket. A victory was declared in 2003 when the property of Paradise Valley was reacquired and Paradise Valley formally renamed itself The Democratic Precepts of Paradise Valley.

The toils were not over for the nation, however. In between 2002 and 2004, Paradise Valley was relocated a total of four times. In 2004, President Hensley was re-elected under the Democratic ticket, and was inaugurated at the Forest Park in Parsons, Kansas in the United States on January 21, 2005 for his third term in office. Challenges to the legitimacy of the nation again soon ensued, and after the Skirmishes of the Parsonian, Paradise Valley was once again relocated to territory within Parsons, Kansas in January 2007, and then relocated to Covington, Georgia in July 2007, and Conyers, Georgia from August 2006 through October 2007.

In October 2007, Paradise Valley was once again relocated to territory within the area of Parsons, Kansas, and was relocated three times due to emergency circumstances throughout January, 2009. Due to the recession within the United States, Paradise Valley relocated to Killeen, Texas on January 6, 2009, and then an attack by a neighboring nation lead to the Government going into exile again from April 2009 until it acquired territory in Austin, Texas in June 2009. Paradise Valley relocated again in August 2009, to a stable territory in Austin, Texas where peace and prosperity ruled until an invitation was received for President Hensley to relocate to Lake Charles, Louisiana in October 2011, which he did with much pleasure. However, upon the relocation of Paradise Valley, an unprecedented attack was launched against the president, which almost cost the nation to loose all it's property and assets, the War of the Flame. During this time, Paradise Valley was relocated three times through June 2012.

Paradise Valley settled in it's current location in June 2012, and is looking forward to a continuation of two years of peace, prosperity, and stability. President Hensley entered into studies at McNeese State University and began studying Government and Prelaw. However, due to the constant skirmishes and the tremendous blows to the national economy following the War of the Flame, Congress became exceedingly inefficient. Because of this Precept governments were struggling, the laws establishing a balance of power were preventing effective relief to citizens in need of assistance, and in desperation, President Hensley asked the Precepts to call for a Third Constitutional Convention to adopt a new Constitution in order to resolve these issues on April 9, 2014. That same day, six out of the eight Precepts passed resolutions calling for the Third Constitutional Convention, which convened on April 12, 2014. After intense and heavy deliberations, the Third Constitutional Convention agreed on a Proposed Constitution of 2014 on April 22, 2014.

The newly proposed Constitution had many sweeping changes. Instead of a republic, which had lead to severe gridlock affecting the entire nation, it established a Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy, and it also undid the former laws attempting to establish a conservative Christian Theocracy by firmly creating a pluralistic government and firmly protecting the freedom of religion for all citizens. The following days were spent in intense and dramatic debate as the Precepts fought, sometimes profusely, over the greater good of a republic or an effective government. President Hensley issued an Executive Order creating a Privy Council to handle the possible transition of the form of Government on April 24, 2014. On April 27, 2014 the sixth out of the eight Precepts formally ratified the Proposed Constitution, and shortly after the Secretary of State issued a Certification of Ratification. The process was frozen for a few hours while the Privy Council met, and President Hensley issued his final Executive Order, ordering the governments of the individual Precepts to immediately convene and close out all business by noon that day.

At noon, the Privy Council issued a Certification of Ratification and Proclamation of Accession of the Sovereign naming President Hensley Regnant Crown Prince Jonathan, dissolving the Democratic Precepts of Paradise Valley, and establishing the United Royal Precepts of the Principality and Kingdom of Paradise Valley. The Precepts were annexed into a central government, opposed to their limited sovereignty under the Constiution of 1999, and soon after, Paradise Valley entered into Acquisition Treaties and acquired the territories of Princeville, Avalon, and the Parallax of Das. Regnant Crown Prince Jonathan soon after issued his first Royal Decree, establishing a Coat of Arms, National Anthem, reorganizing the local layout of the government, changing the name of the capitol to Austin, and calling for General Elections for May 15, 2014. The first Parliament is set to convene on June 8, 2014.