United Republics of Po

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The United Republics of Po is located in the New England portion of the United States of America. Like most other micronations, you won't find Po on a map of the world as the nation is the size of a large backyard. Po is split into 5 united republics known as Adams, Van Buren, Madison, Polk, and Pierce, all named after American presidents. Po's capital is located in the heart of Adams, a place named after famed ruler King Vincent I. The population of Po is a mere 2 citizens, however, Po accepts so far 100% of applications for citizenship into Po. The idea behind founding Po was to give all people and beings who rightfully reside in Po the opportunity to experience and savor our beautiful planet, which is why Po is a mix of ideas from liberal and conservative views. The motto of Po is "To the grandest death, not the regretful life." Po has a total of 7 current amendments that citizens of Po are all deserving of and can't have them revoked. The amendments are listed below.

I. All are obliged to the freedoms of speech, religion, and press. The only exception of these rules is to call for direct violence on another being.

II. All citizens have the right to bear any weaponry to protect themselves and those around them in the case that their freedoms are put at risk.

III. Citizens have the right to protect their property in the scenario one who was not given consent by the owner of the property enters the property. This includes government officials unless they have a legal permit from the government.

IV. Attempting to overthrow the government of Po will result in an accusation of treason of those involved.

V. All beings have the right to a fair and balanced trial in which both sides of a case have the opportunity to give their side of the story.

VI. All citizens have the same rights no matter the gender, race, sexuality, etc. Unless for some obvious reason that person isn't "equal".

VII. No person convicted of a crime shall be given excessive or unusual punishment. The severity of the crime must equal the severity of the punishment.

To apply for citizenship, please visit Po's immigration officials over at the following link: https://discord.gg/2TcTv6 Po is a mix of a monarchy and democracy for the political system. A royal family rules Po and the monarch of the family is the ruler/president of Po. The monarch of the family is the oldest blood related member of the family. The oldest child of the monarch is second in-line and it continues downward from there. The royal family won't be the royal family forever though, every 4 years an election occurs where the citizens of Po can say whether they think the current monarch should continue being leader or if another family member should take over. There is a possibility that a whole new family can take over. Multiple elections will occur to see if the population wishes for a whole new royal family, this is where any citizen of Po can run for royal family and the no-longer-royals family becomes citizens again. Po's national anthem has no words, but is rather a piano solo named "Comptine d'un autre ete, l'apres-midi" by French pianist Yann Tiersen.