United Republics Army

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United Republics Army
Flag of Urm army.png
Flag of the Army
Active( February 10, 2020 - Present)
CountryURMFlag.svg United Republics of Michigan
AllegianceURMFlag.svg United Republics of Michigan
Motto(s)Defensione Reipublicae
(Latin: Defend The Republic)
Commander in ChiefEvan Callies
Secretary of WarEthan Mcavoy

United Republics Army is a military branch of the United Republics of Michigan and it was established on February 10, 2020 it Saw Service during the Hougoumont Campaign. and is currently serving in the Kapresh Civil War It is made up of 2 regiments The First Republic Regiment and Second Republic Regiment


United Republics Ranks insignia


PP poo poo.jpgCocks .jpg

The standard-issue uniform is a black cowboy hat with a symbolic green and blue star attached Along with a grey coat two belts one over the shoulder and the other one around your waist both of them will have a belt buckle with the label “UR” standing for the United Republic with an additional belt buckle to go on the a bag that will contain anything you need such as ammunition in rations along the belt you can put things like a knife or a bayonet the pants can be grey or black The standard issue rifle is a daisy Buck

Some have made jokes that the uniforms bear a striking resemblance to the Uniforms of the Confederate States Armed Forces used during the Civil War