United Provinces of Greenia

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United Provinces of Greenia
Flag nominee.png
Coat of Arms of the First Kingdom of Greenia.png
Coat of arms
Motto: In God we Trust
Anthem: Oh Glorious Greenia
and largest city
New Boston
Official languagesEnglish
GovernmentAuthoritarian Regime
• President
Colonel Joshua
• Prime Minister
Right Hand Man
• (as of 9 February 2020) census
CurrencyGreenian Dollar
Time zoneEST

The United Provinces of Greenia, often referred to as just Greenia, was a micronation based in Massachusetts.

Administrative regions


Name Population Area Establishement Region Governor
România Greeniană 1 N/A 11 November 2019 Romania N/A


Name Population Establishment Region Governor Towns/Cities
Commonwealth of New Quebec 7 20 November 2019 North America President Joshuah New Boston
Province of New Yorkshire 5 22 November 2019 North America Major Isaiah City of New Washington
Province Green Australia 1 11 March 2020 Oceania Redacted N/A

Composition of Congress

Party Member Count
Republican Party 3


Greenia had a military size of 4 people, including Colonel Joshua and Isaiah (The Head of Defense). The army consisted of 1 Division and 2 regiments, one was the National Guard of Greenia the second was the Greenia Youth.


Greenia started as an Authoritarian Republic at that time the "president" didn't do much in Greenia so nothing happened. 3 or 4 months later, "President" Joshuah decided to change the nation to the Federal Republic and started forming a Congress. about 2 months after that he decided to engage in MicroWiki and start to expand his micronation beyond the United States. He started off colonizing 1 small territory in Romania and then 2 in Norway. that brings us to today, a large and still growing, micronation. Greenia has had a few conflicts but they aren't really "conflicts". Greenia turned into a Constitutional Monarchy, "President" Joshuah, was now King Joshuah I of Greenia, he had created a parliament lately and he put a new prime minister into power. In February 2020, the Progressist Front Party won three seats in the parliament after the joining of a new MP and 2 MP from the Monarchist Party and the Democratic-Republican Party, becoming the 1st political force in the parliament, just in the middle of a campaign for the 2020 Greenian elections for Prime Minister but have recently lost almost all their members. and then changed into a Federal Republic and used direct democracy, the last ever emergency election saw King Joshuah I of Greenia become president. In April 2020 the Republican Party's Nominee for president "overthrew" the government and formed an Authoritarian Regime lead by him with his friend (Isaiah) at his side.

Foreign relations

Recognized states

These are states that had been granted full recognition from Greenia. They either meet all the criteria or had established formal diplomatic relations.

Partially recognized states

These states were partially recognized by Greenia. They either not meet one of the criteria for full recognition or are largely fictitious.


War of Prussinan Dissolution

The War of Prussinan Dissolution (also known as the 1-day war) was the shortest war and the last war in independent Greenian History.

Nations that fought in the war

Date: 19 January – 20 January 2020 Nations involved: The First Kingdom of Greenia, Union of Mountain States, United Provinces of Natlin, United Ocean States, Republic of Tueoedeth and Democratic Republic of Houseistan VS Republic of Nanneria and the Republic of Prussina. Outcome: Victory for Greenia