Kingdom of Craigland

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United Kingdom of Craigland

The Epikoua Republic is a country in North America formed in early 2018. Epikoua consists of 5 mainland provinces and one detached province. With a population just under 10, Epikoua remains the world’s least populated nation.

Flag of Epikoua


Epikoua is made up of 5 provinces and one overseas province. The provinces are, in order of date of founding, Craigland, Epikslandia, Kerick, Goosetopia, Christown and Konara. Craigland was the first province created originaly as a seperate nation, split into two with one half remaining Craigland and the other half now being known as Epikslandia. This was because of a dispute over how many representatives being allowed per nation by the UFS (Union of Free states). Craigland and Epikslandia became one nation, the Kingdom of Craigland. Overtime, Kerick province was added to give long time a citizen a province to govern. Goosetopia and Christown were created for simular reasons.

Time in the Union of Free states

Epikoua (At the time known as Craigland) created the idea in early 2019 of a Union for all micronations. The idea transformed into the Union of Free states with over 10 member states in the first month. The Union had daily meetings informing member states on current afairs. The union had it’s share of issues however. A rival union known as the Trident alliance sent spies into the UFS posing as a nation looking to join. This caused a firce debate among the UFS on how to respond. Craigland supported the idea of allowing Trident alliance members in the UfS to obtain better communication while UNAR fircely opposed any contact with them. After 3 days, a agreement was reached among the member states, a representative from the Trident alliance would be allowed in the UFS and a representative from the UFS would be allowed in the Trident alliance. Despite the peace brought by this, it only increased spying and the Trident alliance would disband months later. The deal by the UFS also brought forward elections by each member state for a leader of the UFS. The two main canidates were Craigland and UNAR.

Communist Conflicts

Craigland and it’s leaders were prime supporters of Freedom and anti-communist. This brought them into many conflicts with Communist nations. The first of many was the Highlands war in January of 2019. Craigland and the former Highlands socialist republic fought very breifly for just under one day. The war was non violent and both sides peacefuly ended any fighting. The second encounter with communists was the Crimson conflicts between Craigland and the Crimson democractic people’s republic.

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