United Kingdom (Roblox)

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United Kingdom
Flag of the United Kingdom.png
Coat of arms

God Save the King
"God Save the King"

GovernmentConstitutional Monarchy
- KingHM King Max I
- Prime MinisterRt. Hon. 123Samantha456_21
LegislatureHouse of Commons, House of Lords
Formation29 September 2018
CurrencyBritish Pound
Time zoneInternational

The United Kingdom is a nation group on the online game called ROBLOX. The nation is 100% modeled after the United Kingdom. The United Kingdom is ran by ProtectorOfLondon, but the Monarch of the United Kingdom is MaxxedSaber (Maximilian Schroeder). The current Prime Minister is 123Samantha456 21.

Early History

MaxxedSaber joined ROBLOX in early 2015 as "Sabermoose". Many people still call His Majesty Sabermoose today, but are not advised to do so. MaxxedSaber created his first group in late 2015. The group was called, The Holy Republic of Germany. It lasted for a few months, but dissolved in January 2016 to make way for Lufthansa.

Lufthansa was Sabermoose's second group. He created Lufthansa after taking interest in the Roblox Airline community. But he would not leave the Roblox Nation community, not at all. Sabermoose made Lufthansa a 500 member strong group, before selling it to UpturnedLemur for a undisclosed amount of robux. UpturnedLemur's Lufthansa would only last another 2 weeks before being bought out by KLM.

Sabermoose started creating much smaller groups. He joined many Roblox Nations, eventually he created a USA in spring of 2017. The USA was one of his most successful groups, but it was cut short due to stress from school.

Around this time Sabermoose changed his name to WilhelmMonroe, and shortly afterward, SaberDevv. Eventually to Saberux.

Saberux continued to make groups. His next successful group was a Clone Army which lasted only a week but gained 100 members in the first 24 hours. Which is a record breaker of the most members on ROBLOX in 24 hours. The previous record was held by Boho Salon Chairwomen, Lalikela, at 95 members.

Saberux then changed his name to MaxxedSaber. The Clone Army fell, and he quit ROBLOX.

MaxxedSaber came back in September 2018 to create the United Kingdom you see today.

The Maxxed Era

The first few days of the group made the group reach 30 members. The current Prime Minister had 1 week to create a government. Which expired on 10/10/18.

GhostWellington (Ghostwarrior509D/AM1RIC8NP8TR1OT) lead MI5 and MI6 due to MI6's unstability.