United Empire of Kumandria

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2018 — Present

New Kumandria Flag.jpgNew UEK Coat of Arms.png

National Anthem
This music is official national anthem of the United Empire of Kumandria.
This music is the Hymn of state of the kingdom of Kumandria. Copyright belongs to the creator, James Newton Howard.
This music is Hymn of state of the United Empire of Kumandria, Copyright of Alan Menken.

Republic of Korea
Capital cityOrientinople
Largest cityRyon
Official language(s)Korean, English, Spanish
Short nameKumandria
GovernmentConstitutional Monarchy
- Imperial BasilebsRaven I
- The Chamberlain of Imperial HouseholdPegranos Copeino
LegislatureImperial Assembly
- Type - Unicameral
- Number of seats - 10
Established03 April 2021
Area claimed1.03km²
Population36 (as of the 10 April 2021 census)
CurrencyDukend, D
Time zoneKST, PST
National sportChess
National animalBlack Eagle

Official Website : https://united-empire-of-kumandria.yolasite.com

The United Empire of Kumandria is a micronation aimed at establishing a community with independent sovereignty based on the "trust" of human society, centered on Christian culture. It was officially merged with another Korean micronation, "Empire of Neisen" on April 03, 2021.

Merges Nation

Merges Nation

Region Autonomy of Jutland

  • Information

-Flag : Jutland Autonomy Republic Flag.jpgRegion Autonomy of Jutland Flag.jpg

-Population : 31

-Politic System : Autonomy Republic (Imperial Colony)

-Prime Minister : Enrique Zaragoza Falcón

-Location : Puerto Rico

-Established : 10 April, 2021

Nation's Name

The name Kumandria is a new nation created after Florensia to introduce a new culture. Kumandria is a country founded on the basis of Kumandra.

Who we are?

We have created a new community by combining the culture, goals and regimes of the "Empire of Neisen" with Kumandria.

The current goal is to build a small community with sovereignty based on "trust" among humans around the religious theme of "Christianity".

Religious freedom is guaranteed, and we will work to explore the welfare of all peoples and building a better community.

National Goals

Currently planned national targets are as follows:

《The current goal is to build a small community with sovereignty based on "trust" among humans around the religious theme of "Christianity".》


National Symbols

  • The Imperial Flag is a horizontal tricolor divided into black-red-white, with a white eagle in the center.

Black represents the country's past past, Red represents future will, and White represents peace and future. The Eagle represents the Imperial Household, the Center of the Empire.

  • The coat of arms is made up of a flag, an imperial emblem, and a sun, and the meaning is the same as the national flag.

International Cooperation Relations

  • When it comes to diplomacy, it is the same as Molossia, but has adopted it in a different direction.
  1. Based on trust, the standard treaty of mutual recognition is abolished at all.
  1. Sign a treaty only if there is a project or idea to cooperate between countries.
  1. We do not enter into diplomatic relations with countries that need to fill out an application for diplomacy.
  1. The country of diplomacy will continue in the days of Free State of Florensia.

List of countries involved since the days of Florensia

Present Working Relationship


Holidays Date Information
Holocene Calendar Establishment Date 01. January Day of the New Year.
Constitution Enactment Date 24. January First Kumandria Constitution was Enacted.
Independence Day 16. February The first country, the date of the establishment of the Kingdom of Borsia.
A New Beginning Day 01. March The day that marks the beginning of a new year.
Reading Day 15. May A day to gain stability and nutrition through reading.
National Flag day 17. July First National Flag Anniversary.
Day of the Kumandria 22. September Anniversary of the Founding of the Kingdom of Kumandria.
Day of the Trust 20. October National Largest Anniversary.
Christmas 25. December Day to celebrate the birth of Jesus.


It is a system that strives to contribute to the management of the Empire and the construction of a national community by ensuring the autonomy of each of the Imperial Empires by placing the five ruling states in the existing "Empire of Neisen" under the United Empire.

Imperial Household

The Imperial Household represents the empire, and as an central empire, it controls and controls the entire empire. In addition, it plays a role in contributing to the great work of Kumandria and Neisen, striving for community building and the future development of the empire, supporting the spirit of being the center of the national community and subsequently shaping the foundation of the united empire.