Unitary Dictatorship of Simlandon¤

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Unitary Dictatorship of Simlandon
ფედერალიზმი საფრანგეთის სიმენდი (Simlish)
Федеративная республика Симлэнда (Russian)

Quand nos dirigeants nous asservissent
Capital cityNew Amsterdam
GovernmentUnitary Dicatorship
- Eternal General SecretaryDgaty¤
Established29th February, 280BCE
Population120 billion
CurrencyThulakian ruble
National sportRace in the Rocky Mountains
National drinkVodka
National animalThe makakek¤

The Unitary Dictatorship of Simlandon¤ (French: Grande Dgatie de Simlandon¤) is a fictional French micronation based on the personal cult of its leader Dgaty¤.

A Cruel Dictatorship

The Republic of Simland has been founded on the 29th February -280 by the mythical god Dgaty¤. Whereas it was a stupid, soft democratic Republic, the wise Dgaty¤ turned it into a magnificient personal Dictatorship, under a pseudo-communist theocracic form of gouvernment. There are never any election: the power is permanently held by Dgaty¤, Eternal General Secretary and Premier of the Governement. He forced massive adhesion to a single-party, the PDS (Simlish for Anti-Democratic Communist Dgatic Party.) Under his benevolent and all-powerful rule, Simland will never encounter heresies and temptations such as democracy, freedom of speech or free will. As evil capitalism has been banned from Simlandon¤, the economy is entirely based on governmental plannification.

Simlandon¤ is divided into 17 Districts that are :

  • 01-Kaloria, Capital City: Beach-City-upon-Sand. A very hot district.
  • 02-Lamaland, Capital City: Lamacity. A very lama-lover district.
  • 03-Belgika, Capital City: New York. A very populated district.
  • 04-Coastal District, Capital City: Dunkijrk¤. A very industrialized portuary district.
  • Nobody ever remembered the name of this district.
  • 06-Dgatyland, Capital City: Dgatyville. A very fascist district.
  • 07-Eleuthera, Capital City: Liberty City. The only pro-democratic district, which goes out of the control of the Party.
  • 08-Silicon Plains, Capital City: Thurgau-im-Wald. A very modern district.
  • 09-Carpediem, Capital City: Omega. A very young district with no history.
  • 10-Neverland, Capital City: Perdu-sur-Trou. A very agricultural district.
  • 11-Analfabetia, Capital City: Dumbcity. A very anti-intellectual district.
  • 12-Vodkaland, Capital City: Novaya Sneg. A very pro-communist district.
  • 13-Northern Simland, Capital City: Nuuk. A very cold district.
  • 14-Great Sandy Desert, Capital City: Distopia. A very dry district.
  • 15-Great Lakes (Grands Lacs), Capital City: Los Epinas. A very water-needing district.
  • 16-Great Rainy Forest, Capital City: Petitmésondenlaprérie. A very wet district.
  • 17-Inch'allah, Capital City: Gimini. A very dynamic district.

They do not have any form of power: everything is under the control of the PDS. Notice that the names DO are original: Dgaty¤, when founding Simladon¤, would never had chosen basical names or those of another countries such as Comoros.

At the last census Simland was populated by 120 billions inhabitants, and this number is eternally stable thanks to birth control of the PDS.

History of the Heads of the State

  • 26 December 2003 to 28 March 2004: Dgaty¤
  • 29 March 2004 to 26 September 2004: Dgaty¤ the Great
  • 27 September 2004 to 30 March 2005: Dgaty¤ the Benevolent
  • 31 March 2005 to 9 October 2005: Dgaty¤ the Magnificient
  • 10 October 2005 to 30 April 2006: Dgaty¤ the Beloved
  • 1 May 2006 to 21 May 2006: Dgaty¤ the Well-Haired
  • 21 May 2006 to 12 June 2006: Dgaty¤ the Understanding
  • 12 June 2006 to 29 October 2006: Dgaty¤ the Modest
  • 30 October 2006 to 29 April 2007: Dgaty¤ the Father of People's Revolution
  • 30 April 2007 to 30 October 2007 Dgaty¤ the Healthful
  • 1 October 2007 to 30th 30 April 2008: Poodlehead Dgaty¤
  • 1 May 2008 to 28 October 2008: Dgaty¤ the Prude
  • Since 28 October 2008: Eternal Secretary Dgaty¤