Unironic State

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Unironic State
[[File:Unironic flag.png|30px|link=Unironic Empire|alt=]]
2017 — 2018[[File:UnironicFlag.PNG|30px|link=Unironic Democratic Republic|alt=]] [[Unironic Democratic Republic|]]

UnironicFlag.PNG Flag

Unironic Hymn (unofficial)
Unironic Map 2014.png
Capital cityCrizopolis
Largest cityMiklor
Official language(s)American English, Semul, Alescetan, E-townese, Old Semul, Cherokee
Official religion(s)Roman Catholicism
Short nameUnironia
- Acting PresidentWilliam McGuire
EstablishedNovember 17, 2017 (Declaration of Abolition)
DisestablishedFebruary 20, 2018 (Instrument of Governance)
Area claimed2128 sq miles (2013 Census)
Population264 Citizens 53,964,707 residents (2015 Estimate)

The Unironic State was the government of Unironia between the dissolution of the Empire and the establishment of the Democratic Republic of Unironia.