Unionist Party (Uber-Esse)

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Unionist Party of Uber-Esse
LeaderHenry Clémens
HeaministerKarl Friedrich
Founded29 May 2020
HeadquartersNew South Cambridge, Esse
Political positionCentre
Official coloursBlue and Red
Union Parliament
3 / 6
1 / 2
Seats in confederation legislatures
4 / 9
Party flag
Unionist flag.png

The Unionist Party of Uber-Esse, known as the Unionists or the UP, is a one of two major political parties in the Uber-Essian Union. Identifying as pro-union, the party seeks to increase the power of the central Union government while maintaining the pre-existing confederal rights outlined in the Rema Treaty of Union.

Since the Union's foundation, Karl Friedrich has served as the Uber-Essian head of government as Heaminister.


List of leaders

Leader Home state Took office Left office Heaminister
1 Henry Clémens Esse 29 May
Incumbent Friedrich (I)


Electoral performance


Election year Candidate Result
# votes % votes
2020 N/A   N/A N/A


Election year # votes % seats won +/- Government
2020 N/A N/A N/A N/A