Union of Micronations (2016)

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Union of Micronations
Intermicronational organisation
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Headquarters Farrar City

Official language English.

Membership 2



The union of micronations was a proposed intermicronational community to be launched in late 2017 pending on approval of the current micronational community.The Union of Micronations will aim to (1) To maintain intermicro­national peace and security; (2) To encourage intermicronational cooperation in the spheres of social, economic and cultural developments; (3) To develop friendly relations among Micronations on principles of equal rights and self- determination; (4) To recognise the fundamental rights of all people. (5) To serve as a centre where various Micronations can coordinate their activities towards the attainment of the objectives of the Union of Micronations. (6) To save succeeding generations from the scourge of war. However on the 30th December Edwin Farrar of the Farrar Republic received criticism and received threats from other micronations. He has now scrapped the proposal and now wishes to become a full member of the GUM.


Forum of Delegates


The Chairman was Edwin Farrar. The Prime Minister of The Farrar Republic

General assembly

Security Council



The charter was never completed. Charter of the Union of Micronations

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